Reasons to Be Happy When Your Match Wants to Be Friends

When it comes to online dating, few people like to hear their matches tell, that they don’t want to date him or her, but would like to friends. It seems like a shoddy consolation present as if he or she is just offering friendship unwillingly because they don’t want to have a relationship with them. But, if you remove the rejection part of it, you’ll realize that making new friends is one of the best advantages of online dating experience.

You will be amazed to find out that while looking for matches online you’ll meet a lot of people that have similar opinions, interests, views, hobbies and sense of humor, or sports. It’s an ideal arrangement in some manner. You can share movie or basketball tickets or get the benefits of a social club without having to get anxious about which direction your relationship is heading. Besides, it’s also possible for you to enjoy all types of chemistry with the opposite sex minus the romantic attraction. Friendships gained while dating online adds richness in your social life. You get to understand this if you're divorced or just trying to add some zest into your social or just trying to make new pals. Who knows some of the people you met online can turn out to be your best friends and they can also help your find you a romantic partner.

But, remember to keep the new relationship with your online match strictly in the friend zone. And here’s how you can do it:

Ensure that none of you any romantic attraction or feelings

If you think your relationship with your online matches is more than friendship, then you aren’t doing the way you’re supposed to. If you think you or they are attracted to you or have feelings for you, then friendships will never develop. It’s in fact, kind of mean. Moreover, there is no fun of always worrying that the other person may think the current relationship is more than just being friends. In this situation, you might have to wait for some time until the other person is dating someone.

Don’t be friends unless you want it

Being real friends in real life means that you would keep in touch and meet them from time to time. For starters, be friends on social media. Rushing to be friends with your online matches isn’t a good way to make good buddies. So, start first by liking or sharing each other posts or interesting articles or pictures. Suggest him or her in doing activities or attending festivals just like regular friends. Invite them to your friends’ birthdays or parties. The more you socialize with other people, the higher the chances of you meeting someone you like to be in a relationship.

Be ready to the possibility that your relationship might change

We understand you didn’t expect that, but theirs is a possibility that getting to know someone in more fun and a relaxed way can alter the status of the relationship. But finding love should never be the motive for being friends with the opposite sex. For the time being, just focus and enjoy by spending time with someone exciting and fun.

The takeaway here even if you haven’t been able to be in a relationship with your match online, it opens a new possibility of making new friends. That is one positive aspect of online dating, and most people are just oblivious to it.

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