These Are The Reasons Why Introverts Ruin Their First Dates

Facing the everyday challenges of the world and being an introvert at the same time doesn’t always go hand in hand. Most introverts struggle every single day of the week which includes looking for a partner. Some introverts even have a hard time talking with coffee shop employees telling them necessary things what kind of coffee they like to have. So, you can easily imagine how much pressure an introverted man or a woman has to deal with while on first dates. Yes, it's a hot mess.

However, there is a way for introverts to combat your shyness if you do some things right and enjoy a great date. So, if you’re an introvert guy looking for a second date, then don’t do the following things.

Here are the four things that most introverts’ do to jeopardize their first dates.

  1. Canceling/Rescheduling

If you’re an introvert, you need a lot of time to prepare yourself. And if you don’t take the time to prepare yourself for the date, you can turn into a total monster and mess things up really bad. Though doing the things that are good for you is commendable, it’s not wise to prioritize your time alone when you’ve made commitments to other people. If you’ve made a plan, stick to it, no matter what. It’s an active way of demonstrating that you respect others.

  1. Not Making Eye Contact And Ducking A Kiss

Sure, looking at people’s eyes for a prolonged period can be creepy for a lot of folks. But, for introverts, it can feel like a trial by fire. For introverted men and women engaging socially is draining experience. It makes them tired, weak and stressed out. But, not making any kind of eye contact with the other person on the first date isn’t the right way to go. If you want people to be close to you, physically and emotionally, you’ve to look into their eyes.

  1. Being Terse

Introverts have no problems when it comes to having lengthy, engaging conversations with people they already know. When the moment arrives to talk to new people and if these new people want to have sex with them, it can be an absolute nightmare. It can make them feel overwhelmed, and their brain activity comes to a standstill and tongue-tied. But, bear in mind, saying very little on the first date on any other date will make your date that you aren't interested. If you aren't interested, it’s okay, but don’t end the date, and continue talking.

  1. Overcompensating

If you're an introvert looking for a relationship, make yourself aware of how you can respond in a moment. If someone told you that your anxiety and shyness make you appear bored, it’s not a good idea to go somewhere else and make people think you’re engaged. Laughing at not-so-funny jokes doesn’t make you seem engaged and happy. They, in fact, make you look insane. If you feel worried that your introvert nature is making you look flat and uninteresting, just remember to smile a little more than usual.

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