Reasons Why You Keep Dating Men Who Won’t Commit

Are you one of those women looking for men who will be committed to the relationship and failed to find any, and later came to conclusions that he just doesn’t exist? If your answer is a “yes,” then you’re not alone. It’s not that committal men don’t exist; it’s that you’ve been looking for him in the wrong place or your approach isn’t right.

Here are two main reasons why guys won't commit.

1. You’re the only romantic in the relationship
A romantic woman tends to believe in love at first sight. So, whenever she meets a man she’s feel attracted to, and that man pursues her, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that she has met “Mr. Right.” To all romantic ladies out there who thinks this way, let me tell you something – this isn't loving or romance. It’s more like infatuation.

When a guy does all kinds of stuff like stalking you to turns you into an “instant girlfriend,” then he isn’t looking for a committed relationship. He’s most likely a love or sex addict. These non-committal men are also one of the most complex types because they believe that if they’re in a relationship with a woman they can get rid of their inability to commit. These guys are only looking for love and sex, and they know that they’ve issues, but don’t want to deal with them by themselves. Instead, these men are looking for that one special woman who will cure them. Ultimately, all of their efforts fail, and when their girlfriends ask them to take their relationship to the next level such as marriage, their fears and insecurities engulf them, and they run for the hills.

So, why do women who overly behave the way they do? You see most romantic ladies often have brought up in dysfunctional homes with neglectful or addicted parents. This has left a huge hole in these women that needs to be filled. As most romantic women didn’t allow themselves to heal emotionally before looking for a man, they continue attracting partners who mirror people from their childhoods.

2. You’re the sole thrillseeker in the relationship
Thrillseekers loves challenges. Women, who are looking for excitement or thrills, often tend to be attracted to men who aren’t relationship material or committed type. What’s so surprising is that these men themselves warned these thrill seeking ladies of the fact that they aren’t interested in being in serious relationships. But does that stop them? Nope. A woman with such of mentality is so confident that she can change the guy. As he’s easygoing and looks charismatic in her eyes, she might also be physically intimate with him. As the honeymoon phase ends, the thrillseeker realizes that the only place her boyfriend is committed and passionate about is sex. And just like all good things come to an end, even that commitment wanes.

Similar to romantic women, most thrill seeking women also have grown up in dysfunctional families, but in this case, instead of ignored or neglected, they might have felt smothered by her family and peers, and they’re searching for a way out. Therefore, a good man, who is ready to commit in a relationship, often scares her more than a non-committal jerk who keeps running away from committed relationships.

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