Rebuild The Trust In Your Marriage (After It’s Been Damaged)

While getting married, we always dream of spending the rest of our lives with our husbands or wives. This is also the main reason it is so painful when our partners betray our trust. Some men and women, find it so difficult to rebuild trust after it’s been damaged, they lose their desire of ever getting back in the relationship again.

But, the good news is that trust can be rebuilt. These steps will help restore trust in your relationship or marriage:

Be Patient
When you lose your confidence, regaining it is not something that will occur within a day, and it won't be easy. It becomes even harder when the atrocity committed is something that can’t be repaired. It might take a couple of days to get over a small lie, especially if the incident has not happened before. But, if it is a case of infidelity, it may take an extended period like months or years to recover. At this point, patience is the only viable to get over this incident completely. Remember, issues like these aren’t new. It has happened to many people before you. So, be patient.

Be Honest
To rebuild trust, both partners need to accept that there are problems in the relationship. You can’t fix your problem if you do not know about it. So, talk about your problems with your partner openly and honestly. Discuss all the things that lead to the problems in your relationship in the first place, and how they realized it.

Honor Your Promises
You said in your marriage vows “for better, for worse,” you both will be in it together. Well, this the worse part of it. You pledged during in your wedding you will stay with your partner through all the good and hard times, and never to quit. You might feel that you partner has not done well to honor their part, and didn’t trust you like you did to them. But, no good or anything productive will result from it, if you don’t let go or forgive the wrong your spouse has done.

Stop Blaming Each Other
It is very common for people to hold on to their pains that you’ve caused them. People find it easy to bring such things up when there is an argument or misunderstanding with their partners. Whenever you do that, it brings nothing, but bad memories, and it will not help you with the healing process. So, stop blaming each other, strive hard to forgive, even if it is too hard for you to forget all the pain, sadness and anger your spouse caused you. Remember, forgiveness is the ultimate weapon in rebuilding trust.

Confess What You Have Done and Acknowledge Your Mistakes
When you deny what you have done, it will just prompt more doubt, so you have to be truthful and be willing to be responsible for what you have done. Sometimes, revealing the whole truth in might intensify the pain and agony, but it may also affect the healing process. Also, it’s imperative to admit your faults and stop giving excuses, explanations or justifications for your conduct.

If you’re married or in a relationship and have been betrayed by your partner, these above steps can help you build your trust in your relationship. Give your girlfriend or boyfriend a second chance, trust them again, so they can realize their mistakes, and make the relationship even stronger and happier than ever before.

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