Redeem Now: 10 Great Ideas For “Love Coupons”

Romantic Gifts

Whether you're in a new relationship or a long-term one, you may struggle to find new ways to show your partner that you care. A great way to show your partner that you care and that you're thinking of them is by getting them a gift. While most people opt for the classic flowers or candy, it's always better to get creative. A quirky and creative gift to give your partner is a book of “love coupons”. You're probably wondering: What exactly is a “love coupon”? A love coupon is a coupon that your partner can redeem in exchange for a romantic gesture, date, gift, or anything else in your relationship. At any time, your partner can redeem one of these coupons and receive a romantic gesture from you. Not only is this gift cute and creative, but it's a gift that keep on giving. Rather than a bouquet of flowers that dies in a few days or a box of chocolates that's gone in five minutes, your partner can choose to hold on to these coupons and redeem them over days, weeks, or months! If you want to give your partner a book of “love coupons” but have no idea where to start, never fear. We've got ten great ideas for love coupons that you can give your partner. Check them out here:

  1. One free coupon to “let it go,” that they can exchange when you keep nagging them about a particular thing
  2. A coupon for a lovey-dovey social media post that shows the world how wonderful you think they are
  3. One coupon to have the house entirely to themselves for the day so that they can relax alone
  4. A coupon for a late-night run to get their favorite snack from any place
  5. One coupon to watch their favorite movie or television show whichever night they choose
  6. One coupon for you to cook their favorite meal on whichever night they choose
  7. A coupon that they can exchange for one hour spent doing any hobby or activity that they choose
  8. A coupon they can exchange for you to do all of the household chores while they relax
  9. One coupon in exchange for a date night at any place of their choosing
  10. One coupon in exchange for a massage, foot rub, back rub or any other “at-home spa treatment”Gifts For Partner
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