Regardless Of What People Say, You Should Still Believe in Marriage

With almost half of all marriages ending up in a divorce, it’s okay for most people to lose trust in marriage as an institution. Nowadays, more and more couples are delaying marriages and preferring living in relationships. But, you can still have a happy marriage if you believe. Yes, we know that won’t be easy as there are thousands of articles on the internet and magazines on being single, how to enjoy being single and how you don't need to commit marriage especially when you are young. The reality is marriage appears to be outdated these days, and many have become skeptical about incredible traditional and sacred institution. And for this fact, you should believe in marriage more than ever regardless of the uncertainties.

Here are some reasons to get married, no matter what people say.

1. You have a best friend by your side all the time
Humans are social creatures, and we crave for companionship. We would love someone to be there for us all the time. Marriage offers you that opportunity to live and spend the rest of your with your best friend. You will always have someone beside you with whom you can wake up with in the morning or sleep at night. You feel motivated and courageous to find someone always at your side as you confront life’s challenges.

2. You learn new traditions
Marriage offers you the chance to build a legacy with your partner and pass it down to your future generations. Weddings bring two families together. You start to learn about your new family’s values and traditions, and you can take advantage of it to create something unique and special with your future children and grandchildren.

3. You are responsible
When you are married, life isn’t all about you anymore. You have to share with your spouse and have something to prove to others. There are people around you, who are looking up to you they can follow during the good times and the bad times.

4. You have someone who can bring the best out of you
Sure, you are not perfect. You have flaws and imperfections. We all have them. But, when you marry, you have someone you will look at you despite all your flaws. Getting married gives you a chance to have someone who inspires you to be better. They know about your potential and what you can do. They trust you that you will make the right decision because they will try and make an effort to make you better.

5. You have a person who will share your pain and your happiness
Life is full of challenges. There are challenges in relationships and marriages. There are daily issues such work stress, car payments, mortgages, bills, etc. But, there are happy times too, such as you getting a bonus or a promotion at work. Life becomes easy and better if your share your joys and worries with someone you love. Marriage gives you that opportunity. If you get married, you don’t have to spend your life journey alone. You will have someone you can commit to and spend your whole life with as you go through your sweet and bitter moments.

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