Does Your Relationship Have These 6 Qualities? If Yes, Then It’s Super Strong!

There are some relationships which are strong enough to last a lifetime; they don’t need any luck or chance to survive. These relationships will last because they have the continuous efforts from both partners and a desire to be together. Some specific qualities should be present in any loving and committed relationship, and without these qualities, the relationship will crumble sooner or later. If you want to have a happy and long-lasting relationship, there is no single secret to make it happen, as there are many factors involved and they depend on one another.

Here are six qualities that every stable relationship should have:

1. Friendship
Overall, a good friendship can easily be equated with a strong relationship because you and your partner share a deeper bond that goes beyond a romantic connection. A strong friendship will enable you to build a strong foundation for your relationship that will be fulfilling on multiple aspects.

2. Trust
Trust among the partners is vital if you want to make your relationship long-lasting. If you let distrust creep into the friendship you have nurtured with your spouse, it will not only destroy the friendship but the relationship as well. Even if you and your spouse have ensured all other essential qualities in the relationship such as respect, affection, honesty, intimacy, support, etc., your relationship will not survive without trust. It doesn’t matter how good things look in your relationship, if trust is lost, it enough to drive the love and affection in your relationship, to the ground.

3. Respect
We all know about this, but we are telling this again. Without mutual respect, it’s not possible to have a healthy relationship. In any romantic relationship, both partners should recognize each other as equals and should always be accepting of their significant other’s beliefs, thoughts, concerns, and needs.

4. Affection
During the early phases of dating, it’s difficult to keep your hands off each other. But, this honeymoon phase of your relationship will naturally fade over time. But that doesn’t mean that the romance and affection should disappear from the relationship. Verbal and physical expressions like, saying, ‘I love you” and kissing, hugging, touching while speaking will reinforce the bond in the relationship.

5. Intimacy
Most people think about sex when it comes to intimacy in a relationship. But, in a committed relationship, intimacy is more than just sex. Sure, sex does play a crucial role to make a relationship happy and long-lasting, but it comes in layers. It means that sex gets better, more authentic and sweeter over time and abundance of care. Intimacy, both emotional and physical, requires a deeper understanding of each other that’s more profound and important than physical attraction.

6. Unconditional Love
True love doesn't have rules. True love doesn’t come with terms and conditions. So, don’t try to enforce any on anyone while looking for love. After all, a relationship will fail if the couple doesn't have a genuine and meaningful love for each other on every aspect of their lives. It's not true love when you have decided to love your partner as a parent, but not as your friend, or your romantic partner. Love should be well-rounded, abundant, and unconditional.

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