Relationship Advice For Couples – Common & Less Obvious Mistakes

relationship advice for couplesMost relationships tend to follow the same pattern – whether they are personal or professional. At first, everyone is enthusiastic and happy. It feels like getting something new. With time, people get used to the respective thing – in this case, the relationship, so they look for something new. They need a new challenge. This is when many of them start looking for relationship advice for couples. Whether you are dating a beautiful woman or you need some dating tips for shy guys, knowing the human psychology will work wonders in the long run. The truth is that a relationship needs to be fueled to function over a long period of time.


Generally speaking, the best dating questions are related to reviving relationships after long periods of time. In most cases, both partners need to make the step toward a better relationship. In other cases, only one of them has to work on the relationship. Anyhow, a little attention to small details might change things to 180 degrees. Just make sure that you can adopt a new mentality and you are on the right path. Then, what is the most common love advice for men? How about some advice for new relationships?


Not Having a Crystal Clear Vision over the Relationship Evolution


Every individual in the world has some flashes or conceptions about how they want things to go – all things in their lives. Their relationships make no exception either. Generally speaking, people share the same concept. If you ask 100 people what they want for their relationships, 98 of them will tell you that they want to be happy and keep the flame alive. But then, this is only a cliché. If you ask them to get into small details, they will look at you and try to figure what you truly mean. This is because they have no clue what they actually want.


What does this answer mean? What are the things that actually lead to happiness? What exactly has to happen for you to be happy? What makes your partner happy? If you get into such small details, chances are you are new to dating. People with experience will face difficulties too, hence the necessity of a little relationship help for men. Then, what does the ideal relationship look like? When you try to give a detailed answer to these questions, there is one more thing to ask yourself. Are you really being happy right now? Is this what happiness tastes like?


Most people have good intentions when dating without drama. They always look for relationship advice for couples, only to spice up their lives a little. However, these intentions are as consistent as smoke. You tell yourself that you want to be happy and you push for it. Sooner or later, you wake up in the middle of nowhere with a bitter taste of unhappiness. The unhappiness is not a sudden feeling. It never shows up out of nowhere. It is not like you go to sleep happy and you wake up desperate.


Unhappiness and discontent are gradual. They show up overtime. They grow little by little. The only problem is that you are not careful and attentive enough to observe these things. These feelings may affect anyone out there. The worst news is that you got no actual control over them. Sure, you have all the power and influence in the world, not to mention the motivation. You just need to learn what happiness and unhappiness actually mean for you and produce them by the book.


Taking Everything for Granted


When seeking relationship advice for couples, you will notice that more and more people take everything for granted. Once you are over the initial period – when you discover each other, there is a moment when you tell yourself that you thoroughly know your partner. It feels like you have unveiled a whole mystery. At this point, there is no need to be careful anymore. You are no longer attentive and you no longer try to provoke or come up with something new. Well, a relationship without attention and updates is likely to fail. It is a place with no magic. Everything seems stable, so you get ready to enter a pleasant routine.


One day, the earthquake hits you. You realize that the one close to you is not who you thought (or hoped) they are. You realize that things are different. A brand new world opens up. You imagine that they have lied to you. You thought they were someone else, so you spent so many years close to a stranger. The truth is that no one has lied to you. Instead, you have lied to yourself, only to enjoy the silence and comfort.


When reading online dating advice for guys during the first stage of a relationship, you see the other like you want them to be. You overlook all the defects and you stick to all those small details that correspond to the ideal image. At first, both partners wear masks. It is one of the classic Internet dating tips. This is because they want to be accepted, loved and values. Fortunately, masks cannot resist forever. The real test shows up after the mask falls – the test of loving someone else as they are. If you can get over this phase, chances are your relationship will persist, yet it still demands plenty of attention and care.




When looking for relationship advice for couples, make sure that you adapt it to your necessities and unique situation. It is said that love is blind – a terrible misconception. Love is never blind. Falling in love is, indeed, a bit blind. But then, real love is lucid and unconditional. Perhaps this is the time to give up on old misconceptions and become a little realistic. Forget about clichés and random statements, especially if they cannot apply to your case. Instead, adapt to your relationship and keep it running with whatever works for it.

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