Is Your Relationship Affecting You Too Much?

Relationships aren’t easy. Many men and women have been persistently complaining that they’re giving too much in their relationships. They say that their relationships are taking a toll on them; they started to resent it and feel that they aren’t appreciated enough for their efforts. Even more unfortunate is the man that you gave so much of you has now broken up with you and moved on with someone else. It feels like the other woman is getting the benefits what you actually deserved in the first place.

Thinking about all the efforts you sacrificed for the relationship, in which you got little or no returns – keep us awake at night, and you keep punishing yourself for being too naive and foolish.

But did you ask yourself why did you allow yourself to give so much in the relationship and why did you receive so little in return? Ask yourself why you were content by getting only the crumbs of the whole bread? The truth is you were in an “on demand” relationship.

So, how did it get here? During the early days of the relationship, things were better and strong, the romance was alive, and it appeared like your man really cared and loved you. But as the relationship matures over time, love begins to fizzle, the spark isn’t there anymore, and it is at this point that most women gets scared and start to feel insecure. They start to believe that it is their sole duty to reignite the romance in the relationship and make it loving and exciting again.

Most women realize that their man isn’t their soulmate they always dreamed. But, the fear of loneliness and to start the whole thing to find love again makes them stressed out. So they give their relationship another chance and try to make it work. Many women wrongly assume that if they showed their partners how much they loved them, how good and caring they can be to them, they’ll naturally love them back. Their men will be kind, caring and love them back. But the harsh reality is that things don't always work out as we expect it to be.

So, what’s the best approach to show our partners how we feel? We start by catering to their needs. We do the laundry, cook, shop, clean the house, organize things, buy gifts, donate money, etc., and so forth. We do stuff that they like, and we do it without questioning it. We aren’t telling that these actions are useless, but it’s the intention behind these actions that needs to be noticed and appreciated. You have invested your energy, time and money to make a man love you back, while you’ve destroyed yourself from within. You do and do, and get little to nothing in return.

Both partners need to contribute equally in a committed and healthy relationship. If you’re in an “on demand” relationship, question yourself if you resent your relationship because you owe it something. If you feel it that, then it’s safe to conclude that feelings between you and your partner aren’t mutual anymore. It’s indication that the relationship doesn’t have what it takes to grow and thrive in the future. If you stop giving any more, and your partner steps in and starts giving, then maybe the relationship does have a chance. And if nothing happens, it’s time you abandon the relationship and walk away.

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