Relationship Arguments – Do’s And Don’ts To Remember

The argument in a relationship is a very common practice. A petty fight over misunderstanding and confusions is pretty natural. However, you may find certain couples who understand each other completely and rarely indulge in any sort of an argument.

Getting involved in an argument does not mean that you are a bad partner or your partner is not worth living with, the point that really matters is that how well you end up this argument.

In the first place, it is better to avoid arguments as it takes away your inner peace. Your mind got stuck, and it makes you depressed and tense. Eventually, these arguments turn up into ego wars that may end up in losing each other.

On the other hand, healthy arguments will help you sort out the issues and brings you closer. It may also prevent the new fight from coming up.

Dos to remember in an argument

Do try to calm down:

Anger only knows how to mess up the relationship. So if you feel extremely angry, just sit in silence for a few minutes and then communicate with each other respectfully without raising your voices.

Do try to communicate:

Do you want to fix things right? Why hurt your partner with harsh wordings? Avoid shouting and communicate in a proper way without hurting them badly by using cruel and unkind words. Make your partner understand your point of view and get the things back on track.

Do apologize:

Where you see that you were wrong, gulp down your pride and tell your partner that you are sorry. Even if it was not your fault and your partner comes to you to say sorry, do tell them that you are sorry too as you misunderstood and lost your temper.

Always makeup after a fight:

Although arguments are mostly unavoidable but, this does not mean that you start to misbehave and forget how much you love each other. After every argument just remember to walk back and hug each other. There is no need to say anything a warm hug can say it all.

Don’ts to remember in an argument

  • Don’t be silent in an argument. When your partner asks for an answer, do not sit quietly and prefer giving a response.
  • Do not ever raise your hand. This happens when you probably know that you are wrong and you do not want to accept your defeat.
  • After a fight, do not ignore your partner especially when they plead for your attention.
  • Do not ever threat your partner about leaving or breaking up in the middle of the argument.
  • If you see that you are losing an argument, then do not try to bring up the old issues just to defeat your partner, after all, this is not a war going on.
  • Never ever compare your partner with somebody else. It hurts badly
  • Do not involve any third person. If you and the third person make the team, your partner will definitely feel betrayed.
  • Do not say anything to the partner that emotionally hurts their feelings and demoralize them.
  • Don’t deny that you are angry. Just say it. By denying and ignoring will not let you confront the issue.

While dealing with the arguments in your relationship, keep these dos and don’ts in mind to just prevent yourself from a major mishap. Don’t be silent in an argument. When your partner asks for an answer, do not sit quietly and prefer giving a response.


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