Relationship Break Up Advice That 99% Of All Men Have No Clue About

Seduction and classic relationships are completely different, yet they do share a lot of common things. Sometimes, they work along in a tight collaboration. In other cases, relationship break up advice has nothing to do with seduction. With all these, different relationships evolve in different ways – both positive and negative. Knowing what makes yours unique is the answer to most of your issues.

But then, the best relationship advice is supposed to target more than just the best tips to stay happy, keep her entertained or challenged and draw her attention all the time. Sometimes, these relationships are also about breakups. So what happens when a classic relationship breaks? How about reigniting the flame? What is the best relationship break up advice for men who suffer after such a loss?

Most books, concepts and guides provide generic advice that may or may not work. In many cases, they do not work. They provide classic advice that makes common sense. You could have thought about the same things without reading anything at all too. Succeeding goes in a different direction though. Whether you want to recover your lost partner or you want to determine if you two can still be together, emotional advice is more appropriate. So what do you have to do?

In 99% of all relationship breakups, things go into one direction. Things will never change, yet it is up to men to follow them precisely. There are situations when different ideas may work too, but one of them will always make the difference. You will always end up with some of your friends telling you that you are not doing it right. After all, they “know better” than you, especially when it comes to your relationship. You will also bump into other women who will sigh and whisper that you need to be romantic and fight for your love. None of these things should draw any attention. None of them must influence you. So what is this big rule?

When your partner decides to end a classic relationship or perhaps a simple interaction, you got nothing to do. Exactly! This is the best relationship break up advice for men. Do you know what it means? Nothing! Nada! Zip! Niente! Niks! Is it clear? All you have to do implies taking a deep breath, getting in touch with your dignity and minding your own business. It does not look like the right marriage help for men, but this is the emotional solution that will swirl the world for you. Then what do you do when minding your own business?

Minding your own business means a lot of things. However, none of them relates to the weak attempt to recover the one who has dumped you. It makes no difference how mild or aggressive the breakup was. Do you know why? It is easy – you got no chance if you do it like this. 99% of all men will try to do things differently, but this is wrong. You have probably noticed that most of them have failed to do anything. No matter how unusual or unpleasant it seems, all those unexpected turnarounds in romantic movies are nothing but fiction. Unless she has broken up with you for cheating on her or physically abusing her, a woman who dumps you does it because she no longer feels any attraction for you.

A lot of newbies believe that women may break up because their parents do not accept the relationship or because their friends gossip and come up with all kinds of stories. These things are only some cheap ways to recover your confidence and gain some extra energy to fight for her. You lie to yourself, so the result will be a big fat lie too. Attraction is the key. If she does not feel attracted to you, she no longer wants to be your partner. Then what is the best dating advice for guys? How can you recover this attraction? Most importantly, can you do it?

Despite all the relationship break up advice you can find online, there are only two different situations when a woman who dumps you can return to you and stick to you. For each of these situations to actually become efficient, you have to mind your own business and resist the urge to spam her with phone calls, email messages and texts.

The first situation gives her the opportunity to take the initiative. Basically, she takes the first step toward you. She may have multiple reasons. Perhaps a particular factor of your attitude during or after the breakup has triggered a new feeling of attraction. Of course, these factors do not refer to the poor attempts to win her mercy or convince her to change her mind. This type of attitude will dig an even deeper hole. These men will barely get any compassion, but attraction is out of discussion. They represent one of the main reasons wherefore lemons are so widely spread across the world. Sooner or later, these men provoke nausea and distaste.

The second situation is different. It implies changing yourself. You change yourself in a special manner. You are far from what you used to be during the relationship. This is when advice for new relationships might be useful too. Unfortunately, not every man knows what to do for this exquisite change. Eight out of ten men fail in the process. They make a lot of things that appear to be positive, yet they are completely disastrous. However, it is up to you to see yourself from an objective point of view and determine what needs to be changed.

As a short final conclusion, getting over a breakup is different from what you had in mind. But have you ever asked yourself why most men fail to do it? This is because their instincts are not always right. They become desperate and try old things that they have always tried before. Obviously, none of them is going to impress their partners.

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