Relationship Help For Men Based On Their Unique Personalities

The way you act and behave is the direct consequence of what you believe in. It becomes the result of all those images inside your head. They correspond to a particular standard. For example, some women like an unshaved man with disheveled hair because they associate him with rebellion and adventure, while other women find the same guy to be a loser. There is nothing wrong with that when looking for relationship help for men. After all, different people see you in different ways.

However, when you meet a woman for the first time, the first seconds will only bring in a few general clues. The same rule applies to her – attitude, clothes, smell and body language. You end up comparing the appearance to someone else from your past, so you set a label. All these things are instant, without thinking about them or understanding why they are happening. Even the name can be intriguing or attractive. The general idea is that such things do happen. If you ask a woman what she wants from a man, she will come up with a lot of things – be funny, make her feel well, be self confident, have a specific social status, be adventurous and provoke her.

In reality, if you are new to dating, you should know that women have no clue why they are attracted to some men or others. They cannot logically explain why they might fall in love with a man who is rude to them or is 30 years older. When attraction kicks in, they simply cannot explain it. When interested in relationship help for men, you should know that there are more general types of men who attract the ladies.

The bad and dangerous man is the type who underlines fear, as well as adrenaline. This type of man is attractive to plenty of ladies. However, he only targets a specific niche. If you are the type who owns a motorcycle, has some tattoos and drinks a lot, chances are some ladies might fall for you, yet you should not really expect too much from an elegant office lady. Most women who fall for these men are those who share similar characteristics.

The adventurous man is more attractive though. Looking for dating advice for guys? Show her that you are adventurous and she will love it. You are the type of man who underlines fun and excitement. She sees you as a man who she will never get bored with. She wants fun and entertainment. She likes being optimistic, not to mention about turning each experience into something fun and adventurous. If you like doing all kinds of things in order to avoid getting bored, women will love you. They hate boredom, so they always want to discover new things.

The seductive type will have an even easier job. Whether you are trying to start a new relationship or you need some relationship break up advice, being seductive might be the key. This is not a type you can turn into. Instead, you can be seductive or you are not at all. This type of man knows a lot of things about women, from their anatomy to small details about clothes, shoes, lipsticks and tendencies. Unlike bad boys or adventurous types, this man has a submissive side. You may not know it, but you are always trying to provide pleasure to a lady. You are quite docile, but you tend to get bored pretty fast.

Looking for relationship help for men as an artist? It makes no difference if you make music or you write poetry. If you are the artistic type, you are deep and enigmatic. You can create emotions out of nowhere. Women love emotions, so you are a winner. Artists make women cry. You can talk about the taste of a color or the shape of a perfectly round stone. You can admire the sunset and tell her beautiful words. Women are attracted by this type, even if you are not really organized. You may lack self control and you might forget to shave your face every once in a while, but these things will not really matter.

Success is yet another important consideration. Being successful can provide a lot of relationship help for men because women love this type. Your success equals objectiveness and stability. You provide her with balance, stability and a lifestyle that her friends will envy her for. You bring money, but you also control your life. If you are looking for a longterm relationship and even marriage, women will want to marry you because your future looks safe. You can trigger an exquisite feeling of safety in women. With all these, you have a drawback – you are dominant. You are also stubborn because you know how hard you have worked in order to become successful.

On a different note, the parenting type might look attractive to some women, but not to all of them. When you end up telling her what to do and what not to do, you basically make her feel like a baby. You control her. A lot of women agree that they are attracted by this type of personality. Believe it or not, you will be more popular among women with careers. They end up meeting a lot of men who are intimidated and bow their heads in front of them. If you treat them like they were teenage girls, they go crazy. From this point of view, you might end up with a younger partner because she finds men of her age to be immature. She dominates in her professional life, but she wants to be dominated in her personal life.

In conclusion, knowing what type you are will easily help you determine what your target is. A lot of men fail in finding the right match because they are not aware of their type. Obviously, they have no clue what the right potential partners for them are. With these factors in mind, a little education will work wonders.

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