Relationship Questions And Advice For A Healthy Long Term Relationship

Saying “I love you” or “I do” is the easiest part for all couples but keeping the promise of loving each other sometimes becomes the hardest part to do. Many people all around the world are suffering from bad relationship problems. Relationships are hard and require a lot of dedication, work, focus and understanding. Finding a suitable person to get into the relationship is hard. And after getting into the relationship you still have to work on it to maintain the relationship as well as keeping it alive. So, if you are having a bad relationship with your partner, you can consider the relationship questions and advice that can help you out from this situation.

Be a good partner: Always be a good partner to your soul mate. A relationship requires many promises that need to be kept in mind and several works that need to be done at both ends. Relationship is all about working together to tackle every difficulty of your life and to enjoy every moment of your life together. Try to do all your work by yourself. Don’t leave it for your partner to do it. You can wash your clothes by yourself, you can cook by yourself, you can clean your space by yourself, you can iron your clothes by yourself and many other minor activities that you can do by yourself. Leaving such activities for your partner will definitely make her feel angry and overloaded with work. Try not to look like a demanding person who is always expecting everything from your partner and giving absolutely nothing in return to your partner.

Take it easy: “Take it easy” is the most common relationship question and advice that you can expect from anyone. Relationships are meant to be easy but it is us who make it more difficult than it could be. Try not to control your partner or deny her from doing what she likes to do. Doing so will make her feel irritated like as if she is living in a prison with hundreds of rules applied on her. Doing so will definitely affect your relationship and make it weak. You must allow her the space that she wants just as you want your space. Giving a lot of space to your partner will keep her and you happy all the time. Doing this will reduce your chances of conflicts or reactivity, and will bring more peace, comfort, happiness and respect to your relationship making it stronger than ever. The best way to provide space is by keeping yourself positive and giving your partner more of an emotional space rather than the physical space.

Spend some quality time together: People fall in love by looking at each other, talking to each other, listening to each other and spending some quality time with each other. All these things are the major components for a relationship to build. But after getting in a relationship, why ignore these components. People who don’t talk much, don’t share their feelings and opinions much, don’t spend time with each other are most likely to have a break up in their relationship. Spending some time together is a very important thing to do in order to keep your relationship alive. You must take some time out from your busy schedule to spend some time with your partner. You can do anything which seems new and exciting with your partner. You can discuss it with your partner and plan anything for both of you. All this planning and communication will help you in sharing your thoughts and feelings and will also build your relationship with your partner.

Keep your physical intimacy alive: Having conversation and spending time with each other helps you to build your relationship with your partner. Physical intimacy is a relationship question and advice on which most of the people talk. Physical intimacy also plays a vital role in keeping your relationship alive. Studies have proved that infants use the touch to show their love and affection towards their parents. Babies touch everything to know about it and this is how they develop their brain. This touch factor doesn’t end in childhood, adults touch each other to show their feelings. Physical intimacy as well as physical touch is also important to keep your relationship going. Physical intercourse is a great thing to build your relationship but it is not the only way to get physical with your partner. Regular affectionate touch, holding hands, kissing, hugging are other ways to show your physical intimacy. But be sensitive to your partner’s behavior when you are getting physical with her. Notice what kind of touch she likes and what she doesn’t. Unwanted touching will convey a negative impact of your image which will tense your relationship.

Communication: Communication is a part of healthy relationship. You must have a healthy relationship with your partner. Communication is a kind of awareness that you and your partner share with each other. You must share your emotional feelings with her, in the same way she must share her emotional feelings with you. Sharing of feelings will definitely create a strong bond in your relationship. If you do not communicate with your partner or share your feelings with your partner in difficult and stressful time, it means your relationship is on the verge of breaking up with your partner. If you are experiencing such problem then you must consult your problems with your partner and work on those weak points which are creating problems in your relationship. Communicating is the best way of solving the relationship issues and leading a healthy life.

Be a good listener: Being a good listener is a great relationship question and advice which most of the people prefer to take in order to improve their relationship. A good listener is a person who hears more and speaks less. You must be a good listener to your partner as this will help you in understanding what she needs and what are the problems that are causing the conflicts to arise.

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