Relationship Tips For Guys To Enjoy A Healthy Relationship

Still wondering why you are single? Well, it is only because you are not following the basics of dating a girl. What are the things that one needs to keep in mind to get a girlfriend are mentioned below-

Dreaming about the girl won’t help, gather the courage to acknowledge your liking

Just having a crush leaves you in the endless possibilities that she might date you or she won’t. There is nothing which cannot be accomplished by good terms. Try being confident about your liking and why you are desperate about her. Tell her why you have been not sleeping at nights and then all what you have to do is wait for her to reply. Often, an SMS is the best way to reach out to a person as compared to calling because SMS allows a person to reply back in their own time. There are many other things which are important and should be taken into consideration such as being patient for her to reply. You don’t have to jump to conclusions, just wait and let time do its toll.

Below here are mentioned some relationship tips for guys

Respect her decision and stay positive – It is not the world’s end if the girl says that she needs time. Well, everyone needs time to think about something important. All what you need to do is stay patient and respect the decision. This can be the only way possible because losing your mind won’t help. There is also a possibility that the girl wants to know you in a better way. Maybe she wants both to evolve into better understanding of each other.

No pick up lines please – Pick up lines are a great turn off to some girls. Pick up lines are never taken as something sincere. They denote the other side of your character which is not considered as good and impressive by many girls. So, avoid using those cool slangs which your friends suggest, rather be real and speak what your heart says. Dating a polish girl is not that difficult, once she knows who the real you are, she is all yours. Isn’t this the best relationship tips for guys?

Stay different, dress well and eat good – Your eating habits speak a lot about your lifestyle. So, if in case you are looking to impress the girl make sure that you have good eating habits. Don’t just smoke in front of her face or do something that might irritate you in the same position. Stay different from the crowd and this is what will make her crave for you even more. You don’t have to play a guitar for her until and unless you really know how to play it. Things work out and remember that nobody is perfect.

Dressing can be considered as the major tool for someone to like you or for someone to hate you. There is nothing more deadly than a well dressed man. He can score some good points while moving down the lane so; make sure that you also belong to the same category. Don’t dress so casually that it shows like you have no interest.

Respect her if she has a past – Respecting a girl if she has a past is something good. It shows how open minded you are. Just because the girl was in a relationship earlier does not mean she is characterless or bad. Sometimes, she might even need you to convince her that everything happens for a reason and make sure that you become good friends before becoming a couple.

Treat her with utmost respect – You don’t have to be a martial art expert in order to impress her. There are many other things which can do the same effect on her. Make sure that you treat the girl with utmost respect. It is the only way to win her trust and attention. Pulling off a chair before she wants to sit won’t take a long time but, it will stay in her mind for a long time. Making such moves add more charm to your masculinity and also give out positive vibes. Such relationship tips for guys prove effective in getting into a relationship.

Pick and drop her at times – When the bus breaks down or she needs help, pick and drop her safely. Enquire about if she has reached her house and tell her to keep you informed about it. This keeps the relationship going for a longer period of time and can help in enhancing the future too. The care for each other only grows with time. So, if you start with the basics, you will go a long way. Often guys wonder when to kiss a girl. However, if you drop her back home late night, you both might slip into the moment and get into a kiss.

Keep her interested with activities – Different activities which are followed each weekend can have great impact over the relationship status. There are many chances that the girl when gets to spend more and more time with you, falls for you. So, make yourself comfortable with her and remember to take her out for rides and spending weekends. This is the best tips among other relationship tips for guys.

Surprise her – It is the most important aspect of dating. The more you surprise her, the closer she gets. But, often people mislead surprises with something else. Surprises are not expensive gifts. Surprise means maybe something which she likes to eat, something which can be a memorable experience and many other things like a long ride etc. These surprises will help you in getting rid of the fear of how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

Be punctual – Arrive and leave on time. Do not just be like a boy who has no time limits. Know your boundaries and respect hers too. There is no question on if girls like boys who are always present on time, the answer is yes! They do like boys who have deep value for a promise kept and are punctual. It speaks a lot about your personality and also helps in better communication because you don’t want to start a day with one person being upset and the other one explaining why he was late. Make sure you arrive before time. It will help. So, get a girlfriend and get moving with the tips mentioned above.

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