Your Relationship Will Never Work Out Because You And Your Partner Are Incompatible

Pause for a moment and ask yourself is your romantic partner right for you or is it time to move on? There isn’t one single answer to this question, no matter what people around you tell you and all those relationships advice tell you to do. Everyone's situation is unique. But, some signs will indicate that it’s time for you to quit your relationship and look for a new one.

Here are five signs that show you and your partner are incompatible and your relationship will never work.

  1. Your core values are different

What are the core values in relationships? Core values are non-negotiable topics such as marriage, the desire to have children, buying a home, etc. If there are significant differences between you and your partner, it’s a big red flag in your relationship. This red flag should have great concern for you and your partner, regardless of how well you get along with her now. If you are thinking to negotiate your so-called core values, then keep in mind that these “core values” are no longer core values. Why? Because you have decided to change your core values by suggestions or after being pressured by your significant other. Core values should only be allowed to change due to personal growth.

  1. Your partner takes you for granted and doesn't respect you

You decided to eat the food that your partner bought from the markets; you watch the movies he or she picked out earlier, etc., without consulting with you first. At the same time, your partner never acknowledges any of this; they just take your submissive behavior for granted. This kind of submissive behavior is highly prevalent in women than men. It depicts the age-old stereotype that the man will always take or be in charge and the woman will be submissive. Unless you and your partner take initiatives to introduce some changes, be prepared for some serious relationship problems.

  1. Your spouse doesn't respect you.

Talking about conflicts in relationships, it can occur if your spouse doesn't respect you. Lack of respect in a romantic relationship comes in all sizes and forms. It can be verbal or emotional abuse, passive-aggressive behavior or lack of taking forward-moving actions. All of these abusive behaviors sometimes can be so subtle that it’s difficult to locate and understand it in the first place. For example, your partner might be making plans for the weekend without asking you about your opinion, which will create some tension between you and him. Sometimes, abusive behaviors aren’t so subtle after all like when your partner calls you names like, “loser,” “slut,” ”bitch,” etc. Most of these abusive behaviors and lack of respect in the relationship or marriage is a way to exert control of each other without having any direct way of blaming each other.

  1. Your partner care less about your needs, sexually and emotionally

When you are in a relationship, both of the partners should be willing to meet each other needs, sexually and emotionally. But, if you see that everything you do is because she wanted or it fits her. She expects you to do everything she wants. She only keeps on taking with no intention to give back. She expects you to make everything easy for her and she rarely makes any contribution to make the relationship better. This is a big sign that you and your spouse are incompatible and in a dysfunctional relationship that needs to end soon.

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