Relationships Aren’t Perfect- Accept It!

We aren’t perfect. Our lives aren’t perfect. Our relationships aren’t perfect. We all have highs and lows in life. Things always don’t go as they way we want them too. In relationships, there are expectations and disappointments. As far as relationships go, there are two scenarios, an idealised one, and then there is the reality. Problems arise when the difference between what is expected for and what actually happens is wide, and the results can be deleterious.

However, it’s critical to understand that like life, our relationships are always changing. Sometimes these changes are good; sometimes they’re unfortunate. It’s a natural part of interacting intimately with another person. We should remember that things don’t always go as we planned. We need to be prepared and willing to deal with the unforeseen. We need to make plans to cope with frustrations and disappointments and keep on moving forward.

When a relationship turns wrought with sadness and conflict, or when your partner expectations differ from your, it can make you lose hope. But, it’s also hopeful to remember that if two people really want their relationship to work and thrive, they can do it. However, when both spouses aren’t dedicated to being in the relationship, and interested in other things, then it’s very unlikely they’ll find any common ground to make their relationship better. It takes two people in the relationship to face challenges and overcome them. It is difficult for couples to be happy in their relationships unless, they’re willing to leave their comfort zones, compromise and view things in a different manner.

There will be ups and downs in life. When things are good, and a worse event takes place, then dealing with it becomes even tougher, than if things were bad from the beginning. It also applies to relationships as well. The lows look more painful than the highs. It’s crucial to remember that just because a person is feeling upset or discouraged today, doesn’t mean that he or she will feel the same way the next day. Just because you’re struggling with your relationship at some point, that doesn’t mean it's doomed forever. Facing challenges in lives and in our relationships is a natural part of growing up.

But, there will be good days in your relationships, and yes, if we allow it to be there. We cherish the spring because the winters are harsh. If we didn’t have adversity in our lives, how can we appreciate the goodness, joy, and prosperity in our lives? If we didn’t have any coldness in our relationships, we could never understand the love and warmth in our partners and relationships. We need to face the negatives so we can appreciate then positives. If everything fails, and can’t be repaired or replaced, then keep in mind that if one door gets shut, another one opens. Life and relationships are always changing and moving. If a heart gets broken, remember there will a new one regenerating.

In this world, nothing is perfect. Life and relationships will always remain imperfect. It’s the imperfection that makes the perfect – perfect. So, embrace the imperfection in your relationships.

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