Do You Remember the Biggest Celebrities Scandals of Summer 16′

This summer, it felt like scandal went into overdrive. Maybe it was because of the celeb beefs that never ended, or because Hollywood's biggest stars all decided to rumble with each other. From clapbacks to break-ups and feuds, here's a recap of how all the gloves came off.

First up…

Khloe vs. Chloe

Just a few months after Chloë Grace Moretz criticized Kim Kardashian's naked selfie, the Neighbors 2 star found herself in the clan's crosshairs once again. Just a day after Kim Snapchatted the clapback heard 'round the world, Moretz weighed in on the Swift vs. West beef, subtweeting the drama with a salty “Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what's ACTUALLY happening in the REAL world.”

In response, Khloé tweeted a photo of Moretz next to a photo of a bikini-clad girl, captioned, “Is this the a hole you're referring to?” Moretz clarified that the woman in the pic wasn't her, Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose weighed in against Khloé, and the Kardashian sister got slammed for bullying, bringing the squad feud back to a tie.

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Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber

Jelena may have had their own rocky on-and-off relationship, but the pair were generally on good terms—until this August, when Justin Bieber posted an Instagram accusing his Beliebers of attacking his relationship with Sofia Richie. Selena took to the comments to retort, “If you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your [new] girlfriend lol.” After Bieber deleted his Instagram to avoid the fray, Gomez relented, posting a Snapchat that read, “What I said was selfish and pointless.” 

Hope Solo vs. USA Soccer Team

No stranger to speaking her mind, Team USA goalie Hope Solo ripped into the Swedish women's team after they eliminated USA from the Olympics, criticizing their defensive style of play. She was suspended from the national women's team for six months. A few days later, Solo also parted ways with her National Women's Soccer League team, the Seattle Reign.

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