Respect-The Number One Important Factor In A Relationship

What is the most important factor to have a healthy relationship? Most people will say its trust, chemistry, or emotional connection. But, it’s not. It is respect. You might find this interesting, but it’s true. And this got me thinking. If people picked respect to be the most important factor to have a healthy relationship, it’s because it was missing in their previous relationships. Most relationships lack respect, and it’s this lacking that has created a large imprint, or otherwise, the answer would have been something else. Here’s another interesting fact: it’s mostly women who want respect to be the most important factor in a romantic relationship or marriage.

If you’ve been in a relationship or marriage where respect was missing, you compromised. And because you overly compromised in your relationship, it affected you, your beliefs, your views, and about yourself. The lack of respect in your relationship has also adversely affected you to enjoy other experiences in the relationship as well because you forgot what you deserved and wanted to be treated. You forgot the fact without respect no relationship can survive, let alone thrive. But you accepted it anyway. Relationships today are lacking respect. It has become optional or turned into something we don’t pay much attention. But, without respect, you can’t build trust in your relationship. Trust, like respect, is also another vital factor for a healthy relationship. And without trust, no relationship can survive. There won’t do anything left, only the skin.

It’s imperative to know that a safe space is needed for relationships to thrive and grow. Without trust, safe spaces cannot be built. And you need respect to form trust in the relationship.

So, how can you define respect in romantic relationships? Well, respect in relationships means no one has power or control over someone else. Respect means you don’t have to agree with everything your boyfriend or girlfriend to love them. It means to give someone the space he or she needs to have their own opinions. Respect means to accept and acknowledge, not judge or react or be controlling. It means not impose your own opinions and views on your partner, and have to ability to work on your issues.  Ask yourself if there’s respect in your relationship because, without it, the relationship you’re building won’t survive very long. And if you’re still single and looking for a relationship, learn how to people around you as well as their opinions and views, in case it lacks in your life, because it required for any relationship to thrive.

It might be that respect has been missing in all your relationships, but you didn’t get affected by it so far, until now. Maybe, it’s time; you should be asking yourself why respect has been missing in your life? Don’t blame your girlfriend or anyone for it. Ask yourself why didn’t respect manifest within you. Maybe, it happened slowly, or there was some or enough of it at the beginning, but it gradually drained, but feelings came in, and you compromised. It’s okay because that’s what we all do when we are in a relationship. But, don’t compromise yourself. And if you see that your significant other isn’t respecting you, you’re compromising yourself.

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