Revealed Secrets On How To Make A Girl Kiss You

Are you prepared for your first date? Have you prepared a checklist of the things to do? If not, then do it before planning your first date. A well prepared date will give you more satisfaction and success than the unplanned date. You can plan for the venue, your dress that you are going to wear to impress your partner, food to be ordered, gift that you want to give her and  few other things that you can do on your first date to make a long lasting impression on you dating partner and make her feel special. There are few things that cannot be planned out but may happen eventually on your first date. It can be a kiss or sometimes it can be more than a kiss. So, you should be ready for such encounters to make your first date successful. There are some guys who are sure that they will kiss their dating partner on the first date but they are not sure whether she is equally interested in kissing him or not.

Learn the important tips for the first date

As, you are uncertain about the feeling of your girlfriend on your first date and do not know whether she is interested in kissing you or not. You should take help from the dating experts available at the online dating websites. These experts will guide you on how to make a girl kiss you, how to approach her and how to kiss her. With their valuable advices, you will be able to make your first date memorable for lifetime.

It is never so easy to get a girl ready for kiss on your first date, especially when it is her first date. She will hardly initiate kissing, so it is your responsibility to get her ready to kiss you such that she won’t be able to say no to you.

Build the strong sexual chemistry with her

Learning how to make a girl kiss you becomes easier if the girl is already plunged with you.  You already have learned a lot about her likes and dislikes and you know well how to impress her, then it’s a high time, you should kiss her immediately before she start thinking that you are less interesting. You should arouse her with your sexy body, loving glaze, gentle touch and surety for her protection. To seduce her, you should talk of her sexy figure, attractive personality, lovely talks and things that made you attracted to her. It will be better if you sit close to her and flirt with her sexually by touching her now and then. Once, she is aroused, she won’t be able to object you when you kiss her. It is the best way to make a girl to kiss you and you save yourself from getting into an awkward situation.

Get her attracted towards you with your pleasing personality

Girls like to kiss a guy who is attractive and has a pleasing personality. When you are going on your first date, you should be well groomed and well dressed that your personality is enhanced. Another important thing that should be kept in mind on the first date is that you should neither smoke not smell like smoked on your date. Most of the girls prefer to maintain a distance with guys who are chain smokers. So, if you have a habit of smoking then quit it as soon as possible. If you find it difficult to quit, you can at least give up for a day and right before going for the date, you can use mouth spray or eat mouth freshener to cover up your bad breath. These are some important tips for how to make a girl kiss you because if she finds it unpleasing, she will stop you from kissing her. Hence, to avoid that situation, you should follow the tips to kiss her and win her heart.

Hug her right before kissing

A warm and gentle hug before a kiss makes a good complement. Hold her gently and let her feel the warmth of your body. It will help in seducing her to some extent. Give her a sensual touch by touching her hand, arms, shoulder and neck so that she can get a vibe that you are going to kiss her. If she enjoys the sensual touch by you, you can move your hand up and touch her upper arm, play with her hair, kiss her forehead and look into her eyes. While hugging, you can also twiddle her hair gently. When you go on the first date, right from the moment you see her coming, you should be gentle in your gesture and posture. She should not feel that you are there just for the sake of fulfilling your sexual desires with her.

Be gentle and loving

If you want to kiss her, be gentle, do not just jump on her and start biting her lips like anything.  First make her feel comfortable, relaxed and let the conversation begin. During the conversation, you should pick the right moment to kiss her passionately. Hold her head from the neck very gently and lean towards her to kiss. Move your lips on her lips very gently as her lips are the rose petals. Gentle kiss shows your warmth and love for her and makes her kiss you in return. You can also lick her lips and tongue while kissing to make your kiss a passionate one.

Timing for the kiss is a very important factor in making your kiss successful. First thing is that you should choose the perfect time to kiss and the other thing is the duration of kiss. You kiss should neither be short not too lengthy. Set the perfect timing to kiss. Stop talking when you are going to kiss her, it will give her indication that you are going to kiss her so that she will get a few moments to get her ready to kiss and you do not have to worry about how to make a girl kiss you.

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