Riff Raff Reveals The Workout That Made Him Unrecognizable

Riff Raff's fans are absolutely excited with the way the WWE superstar got ripped. He put on some pounds and he looks extremely fit. How he does that? He is learning from the best. Riff teamed with Hulk Hogan in order to learn the tips and tricks of training like a professional WWE and the results started to appear. We all know Riff as an artist, therefore his decision to train for a professional wrestler career amazed his fans who started to follow him even more anxious to see how he puts on pounds and gets ready to enter the ring.

Being so proud of his new focus, Raff fueled his social media accounts with insights from the gym claiming that he is working out to progress from 170 pounds to 225 pounds. He is bulking in a smart way, following rigorously his trainer's recommendations. But he is also using Riff Raff Supplements that help him put on lean muscles faster and stay energetic.

“I learned from my trainers how to eating healthy and train smart if I want to be a professional wrestler. You know how crazy I am, but this time I am taking things seriously as I see that only discipline can help me get the results I want. I feel stronger than ever and I am prepared to get on the ring and knock opponents down.”



Day 1:

  • stretches
  • 80 push-ups
  • 20 chin-ups
  • skipping for 15 minutes
  • sit-ups for 15 minutes
  • yoga for 15 minutes

Day 2:

  • push-ups for 20 minutes
  • sit-ups for 10 minutes
  • lungs for 30 minutes

Day 3:

  • skipping for 30 minutes

Day 4:

  • punching for 10 minutes
  • treadmill for 10 minutes
  • sit-ups for 20 minutes
  • push-ups for 20 minutes

Day 5:

  • yoga for 30 minutes
  • pull-ups for 10 minutes
  • outside run for 20 minutes

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