Role Reversal: 30 Pickup Lines For Women To Use On Men

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While it's usually guys laying down the cheesy pickup lines, some moments call for a role reversal! Check out thirty great pickup lines for women to use on men:

  1. You know what they say about men with big feet. Want to prove that to me?
  2. See this scar? It’s when I fell for you.
  3. Am I the only one who’s feeling wet or it’s just my vagina?
  4. I’m feeling exhausted. Can I sit on your face?
  5. Do you have a napkin because you’re making me wet?
  6. Your face is so charming. Can you put it between my legs?
  7. Hey, baby is there enough room for two in those pants cause I want to get in them.
  8. Do you want to play football with my ex, because you can kick his balls with your foot?
  9. Can you please let me know your name because I want to scream it loud tonight.
  10. Are you Starbucks cause I like you a latte?
  11. Did the cops arrest you earlier? Because it’d have to be illegal to look that great.
  12. You make me melt like an ice cream cone in the summer sun.
  13. You are like the best coffee: tall, dark and strong.
  14. You are hotter than a sunburn.
  15. If I said I worked for FedEx, would you let me handle your package?
  16. Hello, gorgeous. I’m like a tropical island. I am hot, wet and ready for visitors.
  17. Boy, I may not be Wilma Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock.
  18. I lost my bear. Can you sleep with me?
  19. Were you a part of the Boy Scouts? Because you have my heart tied in a knot.
  20. Can we take a picture? I need to show Santa what I want for Christmas.
  21. Can you give me the directions to your heart?
  22. Sex is a killer. Would you like to die happy?
  23. You look a lot like my future boyfriend.
  24. Oh no, can you help me? (How?) I lost my rubber duck. Could you take a bath with me instead?
  25. Hey handsome, do you want to play firefighters? Together, we can practice “stop, drop and roll”.
  26. Do you have some room in your mouth for another tongue?
  27. You have been such a naughty boy. Go to my bedroom.
  28. My hands are so chilly. May I put them in your pants to warm up?
  29. Oh dear—my bed is broken. Could I sleep in yours?
  30. If you were a car, I would love to ride you everywhere.

flirting tips

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