Romance Mistakes: 8 Ways To Seriously Screw Up A Date

Bad Dates

Dating isn't easy! Lucky for you, we're here to help. You've probably had some dates that have gone very, very wrong. Were you left wondering what you did that made them go awry? There are some universal things that will ruin almost any date. Read on to find out eight ways to seriously screw up a date.

1. Drinking Too Much

Do not get drunk on a date. We cannot emphasize this enough. Drunkenness doesn't typically bring out the best in a person, so you'll want to avoid it. Getting drunk and acting like an idiot is a surefire way to screw up a date.

2. Prying Into Your Date's Past

If you ask your date too much personal information or too much about their past, you're going to drive them away. Don't dig into family issues or pervious relationships. Let them offer up the information that they are comfortable sharing.

3. Bragging About Yourself

No one likes a narcissist. It's okay to share some of your accomplishments on a date, but don't spend the whole night bragging about yourself. This will only send your date running far, far away.

4. Giving Too Much Information

You want to be careful what you share with someone on a date. A first, second, or even third date is not the time to share deeply personal information. Sharing TMI will only disturb your date and make them uncomfortable.

5. Insulting Your Date

If you seriously want to screw up a date, there is no better way than to straight-up insult the person. Insulting your date is rude, careless and mean. If you never want to see this person again, insulting them is the way to make that happen.

6. Being Rude to Your Waiter

There are few things more unattractive than someone who is rude to wait staff. If you're rude to those around you, it only shows your date that you have no manners and no idea how to behave or treat other people. They definitely won't want another date with you.

7. Acting Desperate

Desperation will send nearly any potential partner running far, far away. Never act desperate on a date. Don't act clingy. Don't act like you are dying for your date's affections. Your desperation will only make you so unattractive.

8. Dressing Like A Slob

You want to make a good impression on your date. If you dress like a slob, it will only show your date that you don't care about what they think. You want to look your best for a potential partner, so dress nicely and make sure your hygiene is on-point.

Bad Dates

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