Romance On-Screen: 4 Lies That TV Shows and Movies Tell You About Love

TV Shows and Love

We all love watching TV shows and movies. They entertain us and show us different aspects of life. As fun as it can be to watch TV shows and movies, the cultural ideas that they portray can be misleading. The ideas that television shows and movies present about love and relationships are particularly misleading. Shows and movies can really distort your idea of what a relationship should be like. To help you realize the difference between fact and fiction, we've got four lies that TV shows and movies tell you about love and relationships:

1. Falling In Love Can Solve Your Problems

This is by far the biggest lie that TV shows and movies tell us about love. How many times have you seen a movie where someone goes through something tragic, meets someone, and then falls in love with them and everything is suddenly perfect? There are the movies where someone is suffering from a chronic illness, then they fall in love and are miraculously cured. There are the movies where someone loses their job, then meets someone new and everything falls into place. Television shows and movies have got to stop using this storyline. Falling in love will solve your problems. It will make you happy, and may make you feel better, but at the end of the day your problems are still there.

2. Everyone Finds Their Soulmate

Another lie that TV shows and movies tell us is that everyone has a soulmate and that everyone finds their soulmate. What is the likelihood of this, realistically? If TV and movies are right and everyone has a soulmate somewhere out there, what are the odds of actually meeting them? Shows and films make it look like everyone just happens to meet their soulmate by chance, even if their soulmate lives halfway across the world. In reality, the odds of this happening are next to impossible. The reality is that you meet someone you're compatible with and you work to make a lasting relationship. A compatible partner is practical and realistic. A soulmate is something of fiction.

Television Couples

3. Things Are Always Exciting and Full of Passion

Movies and television always portray relationships as being full of passion and having lots of excitement. While this isn't impossible in reality, it's just not the norm. Ideal relationships have passion and excitement, but not all the time. Relationships in reality are full of low-key nights watching television and having dinner. In the movies and on shows, they portray couples always doing over-the-top, exciting things all the time. They also portray couples as having constant passion in their relationship. In reality, the passion in a relationship tends to fizzle out as the couple has been together for a while.

4. There's A “Friend Zone” and Guys Can Escape From It

Another lie that TV shows and movies have really reinforced has been the idea of the “friend zone”. Shows and movies have shown many stories of men who are friends with women and remain in the “friend zone” for years. Then, one day, their female friend miraculously sees them as something more, and they escape from the friend zone. This is a myth perpetuated by TV shows and movies. It gives men the idea that being friends with a woman falls in this negative category of “friend zone”. They then think they can escape from said friend zone, which is just not the case. If a woman sees a guy as her friend, then that's what he'll remain. He's not going to work his way into being something more if she doesn't see him that way from the get-go.

Movies and Relationships

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