Rush to the Altar: Are You Getting Married Too Soon?

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Getting married is usually the happiest occasion in someone's life. While it may be a joyful thing, most people do have some concerns and second thoughts before tying the knot – which is totally normal. One of the most common concerns that people have when getting married is wondering if they're moving too fast. You may be worried that things won't work out because you're getting married too soon. Now this can just be normal wedding-related anxiety or it could be a legitimate point. So how can you tell if you're just having cold feet or if you really are in fact, getting married too soon? We're going to share some things to consider before getting married too soon…

The first thing you should consider is how long you have known your partner. Did you meet them three years ago or did you meet them three months ago? If the two of you have known each other for years and been in a romantic relationship for years, then it's unlikely your marriage is too soon. Some couples were friends for years before they began dating, and this is often the ideal situation for a long-lasting relationship. Now, on the flip side, if you just met this person a few months ago and it has been a whirlwind romance, you're probably getting married too soon. Relationships like this are often caught up in lust and infatuation, causing the couple to move too fast. In these very early stages of the relationship, you may feel that this person is your soul mate because you have yet to see their flaws or the ways in which you two are not compatible. These are often things that reveal themselves in time. If you don't give yourself the time, you'll never be able to see the true nature of what a relationship with this person is like.

Another thing to consider before getting married are certain milestones. Has your partner met your family? Have you met their family? Have you had your first argument? Have you traveled together or conquered a challenge together? It may seem silly, but these steps in a relationship are very telling of how your future with this person will be. It's important to meet your partner's family and have them meet yours, because it gives you insight into where they come from and who they are on a deeper level. Also, if you haven't met each other's families yet, how serious is your relationship, really? Other things like having your first argument show how your partner deals with conflict and whether the two of you can settle disagreements in a healthy way. You don't want to marry someone and then find that they deal with conflict in a volatile, toxic manner. Additionally, it's important to do things like travel with your partner or spend extended periods of time with them so that the two of you can see how the other deals with day-to-day challenges.

Overall, if you feel that you may be getting married too soon, talk to your partner about it. Have an honest discussion and take into consideration the points that were mentioned here. If the two of you both realize that you do not know each other well enough or you have not experienced enough together, it is possible you are moving too fast.

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