Russell Wilson Workout for NFL Season

Russell Wilson is an elite quarterback in the NFL. It's only his 4th year in the league, but the 27 year old to lead the Seahawks to two Super Bowls, once coming away as Champions. Why is he so good? Training, training and more training.

Wilson lifts weights four days a week. His sessions are split up into two speed days and two strength days. On the speed days, he focuses on variants of Olympic weightlifting exercises that help him develop more power. Being shorter than other players, he needs some help to be better in running, cutting, and scrambling in the pocket. When he is training during his strength days, his workout includes heavier lifts to build greater muscle power, as well as corrective exercises to prevent injury.

Russell has to rely on his arm strength, therefore he relys on the Russell Wilson Supplements that help him build muscles faster.

“By strengthening my arms and core, I am able to quickly launch the football better than quarterbacks much bigger than me. This is why my workout is very intense and I am always determined to follow my trainer's advice.”



Monday Routine

Medicine Ball Snatch & Throw35Throw Ball Overhead
Medicine Ball Jerk35Hold ball at chest level
Power Clean35Can use Hex or Trap Bar
Single-Leg Squat355 each side, other leg in front
Suspended Row48Torso @ 45 degrees to floor
Cable Curl28Add cable to low pulley machine


Tuesday Routine

Front Squats35Squat as low as you can, but proper form: Keep arch in your back
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift35Works Your Hamstrings
Bench Press38Use Machine to help align your shoulders
Dumbbell I-Y-T2830-45 degree incline; do reps in both directions
Band Pullaparts325Draw arms to form a T shape
Overhead Triceps Extension38Use a rope pulley machine
Swiss Ball Stability Hold33030 sec hold; focus on abs


Thursday Routine

Dumbbell Hang Snatch33Each side; be explosive but keep weights under control
Power Clean35Use Hex or “Trap Bar” if you can
Step Ups35 each sideStand so thigh is parallel to floor
Towel pull-up28Or Use a towel on a Pulldown machine
Cable Lawnmower Row38Each side, stand facing the cable with legs staggered
Scap Pushup38Your Chest should lower 1 inch, then spread your shoulders
Cable Curl230 sec.Or Stand on an exercise band, and curl it up at your sides


Friday Routine

Barbell Squats45Feet Shoulder-width apart; toes pointed slight outward
Staggered Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift35Reps each side; one leg slightly in front of the other working your hamstrings.
Incline Alternating Dumbbell Press38Reps each side; 30-45 degree incline angle on bench
Incline Pushups215/12/10Do 15 @ 30 degree incline; 12 @15 degree incline; 10 regular pushups

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