Russian Dating Advice: Find the Girl of Your Dreams

Russian girls are notorious for their beauty, great bodies, domestic skills, and being great wives and mothers. Because of this, hundreds of Russian dating sites and bride services have popped up, each promising to help lonely men find the Russian girl of their dreams. Before you sign up to one of these Russian dating sites, make sure you read this advice first.

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Most Russian Dating Sites Are Scams

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. This is the case with most Russian dating sites which promise you thousands of lonely, beautiful, well-educated Russian women who want nothing more than to meet Western men.

Russian dating scams are one of the top 10 online scams. So, if you are looking for a Russian girl, then it is almost certain that you are going to come across a lot of scammers. There are several different ways that the scams can take place, but they all can take you for a lot of money.


Russian Dating Scam #1: Girls Asks for Visa or Travel Money

This is the most common type of Russian dating scam. A group of scammers (it is usually a group and not just one girl) makes a bunch of fake profiles across free Russian dating sites. On free Russian dating sites, there is virtually no control and no one to take down fake profiles and scammers.

The Russian girl meets a lonely man. They chat and exchange emails (and she probably sends some sexy pictures too). The Russian girl tells the man how much she likes him. Once the guy is hooked, she starts asking for money.

Russian dating scams have gotten a lot more sophisticated as scammers know they can’t just outright ask for money anymore. Instead, they take extra steps to make the relationship look real. For example, the Russian girl will say she’s gotten an airplane ticket, emailing copies of a fake ticket. The man gets excited. Then, at the last moment, some sudden expense comes up. The scammers usually know the visa regulations really well and will cite some code as a reason for needing the money.

And don’t assume that a Russian girl is who you think she is just because you’ve talked with her on video chat. A lot of Russian dating scammers will hire girls to chat with men so they can suck them dry of their money.

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Russian Dating Scam #2: Letter and Translation Services

These dating scams are also common, but a bit harder to detect because they seem very official and legit. You will go to a Russian marriage service site, see dozens of profiles of beautiful girls. Then you will see an option to contact the girl. The “agency” will then make you pay a fee for forwarding the letter to the girl, or for translating it. When the girl replies, you will again have to pay a fee.

The Russian dating agencies say that the reason for this is because many women in Russian don’t have access to internet, or that their English is bad. But, that’s a big red flag. For starters, over 60% of Russians now use the internet. Even if a Russia girl really doesn’t have the internet, you could just ask for her phone number: 94% of Russians have a cell phone. So don’t get sucked into those letter and translation dating scams!


Russian Dating Scam #3: Gold Diggers and Visa Seekers

Sometimes the girl you meet on a Russian dating site will actually be real. But it doesn’t mean everything she is saying to you is real. Many Russian women realize how lonely and gullible men on dating sites are and they are very versed in saying the right things to get your interest. You meet the girl, fall in love, and get married. Then she sucks you dry of all your money. Or she takes you on a ride until she gets her visa. Don’t underestimate how good Russian scammers are at doing this.

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Avoiding the Russian Dating Scam

You can find some good advice on how to avoid Russian dating scams here. But the most important thing to remember is never give money to a Russian girl on a dating site! You will also want to avoid the free Russian dating sites because these are almost always going to be overrun with scammers as there aren’t any funds for monitoring the site.


Better Alternatives to Russian Dating Sites

I love online dating because it makes it possible to meet so many women who you might never have come into contact with otherwise. And dating sites are especially great for busy guys who don’t have time to scout the good places to meet women like at social clubs, night classes, bookstores, or cafes.   But, because of how difficult it is to avoid scammers, I’d recommend staying away from Russian dating sites.

Instead, why not just sign up for one of the mega trustworthy russian dating site a like Russian Cupid. Websites like these have millions of legitimate members, some of which are verified real by the site. Just use the search feature to look for women who speak English. Since the woman are verified by Russian Cupid, you’ll be able to figure out if she is real and you can rest assured that she isn’t a visa-hunter. Below we have linked to the one and only verified international dating site.

Signup for Russian Dating
You can also meet Russian women locally. See if there is an Orthodox church in your area and pretend that you are interested in converting when you are really just checking out all of the sexy Russian girls during service. Or, if that is going a bit too far for your taste, then see if there is a Russian cultural center in your neighborhood and feign interest in learning Russian or whatever else they offer there.

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Still a bit shy about approaching women? Check out our free dating guide and our article on how to talk to women.


How Russian Dating is Different

Let’s say that you luck out, avoid the scammers and gold diggers, and find a beautiful Russian girl to date. Before you start dating a Russian girl, there are a few things you need to be aware of.


Russian Women Are Hard to Get into Bed

In the US, it is pretty easy to pick up a girl and get her into bed, even on a first date. Don’t expect this with Russian women! They know that they are hot and that you want them, and they know that they’ve got to hold out the goods if they are going to keep your interest. Even professional pickup artist Richard La Ruina calls Russian girls “the hardest women to date and sleep with.”

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Forget Feminism

Here in the US, I’ve actually had women open the door for me. Don’t expect a Russian woman to ever do that for you! In Russian culture, the gender roles are still divided and men are expected to be macho and chivalrous. This means that you will be expected to pay the tab, carry heavy suitcases, and provide for the family. In return, she will cook and clean for you. Just remember that many Russian women are starting to shift towards the Westernized view of gender roles, so it isn’t a bad idea to wash the dishes or cook dinner occasionally.


Be a Manly Alpha Male

In Western cultures, it has suddenly become “sexy” for men to do feminine things like take yoga classes, be stay at home dads, or do domestic work. This might impress an American girl, but it isn’t going to help you when dating a Russian girl! Russian girls will expect you to be assertive and make decisions (so don’t call her up asking, “What do you want to do tonight?”). If you are scrawny and weak and have hopes of dating a Russian girl, you might want to hit the gym first.


Style Matters

One of the stereotypes about Russians which are true is that Russians really get dressed up when going out. Don’t be surprised if a Russian girl meets you for a walk in the park wearing heels.  And you are also expected to look your best! As the man, you are allowed to dress down while at home but the women will dress to impress even when there is no one around to impress! If you plan on marrying a Russian girl, don’t forget to budget extra for clothes and makeup!

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Russians Are Blunt

One thing that will immediately stand out about dating Russian girls is that they are BLUNT. So forget the small talk and don’t ask “How are you?” unless you expect a serious, thought-out reply. At first, it might seem like Russians are being rude for stating things outright like, “Why did you wear that tie? It is ugly!” or “You should go to the gym. You are getting fat.” But, over time, you might learn to like how direct Russian girls are.


You Will Date Her Entire Family

One of the big pluses of dating Russian women is that they are very family-oriented and make great wives and mothers. On the flip side though, they are also very dedicated to their blood family, which might mean a long chain of mother, father, siblings, and grandparents (including the infamous babushkas). You will be expected to visit this family often (bringing gifts with you each time) and you’ll probably have to listen daily to your Russian girlfriend screaming loudly in Russian to her sister about every detail of her day. Oh, and did I mention that Russians are sometimes downright weird

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Can you handle her family???


If you think you can handle all of the cultural differences, the bluntness, and style demands of Russian women, then get your game on!  You will be rewarded with an incredibly sexy, feminine Russian woman to dote on you.  Download our free dating manual for advice on how to attract and get Russian women.

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