Save Your Marriage By Falling Back In Love With Your Wife

Can you remember the days when you first fell in love with your partner? How was everything about her almost too sweet for you? How was everything about her so adorable to you? But, now that you’ve been married for a while and all of the sudden things doesn’t seem as cute and sweet to you anymore. Those little quirky traits of your wife that you found so adorable once, at least, tolerable, has now turned into throbbing pain in the ass. You find everything about your relationship disappointing and miserable. And now that, those things have become so bad that you’re wondering what to do about it.

Let’s get one thing straight. Relationships don’t go bad all of a sudden. Think why those “little things” in your partner has become such major annoyances. You truly loved those quirks once, so what happened that you’re now so annoyed by it? Anyways, here are three ways you can fall in love with your wife again and make your marriage even stronger:

1. Change Your Focus
At the start, your partner met all the need that had your focus. Focus on yourself. All along the relationship, you were zeroing in on all the small things she did that met your attention. That’s how two people come close and fall in love with each other. This is how all those little things become big things. Now that those needs have been fulfilled, those lovable, captivating behaviors that helped to accomplish those needs don’t feel so loving anymore. Our needs have changed, but your wife hasn't moved on to different ways of meeting them. So, it times to recollect the things that you took for granted. Remember the love and care that is required to meet your needs is still alive in her.

2. Look At Your Partner Like A Reflection
Stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. Now, ask yourself do you look with the same, unchanged critical eye to judge your significant other? Can you realize that things in your relationship haven't changed for far too long? Maybe those things weren’t that much necessary in the beginning because you had much bigger issues to look after at the time. But now you can easily see that those things might be stinking up your relationship for her.

3. Keep In Mind Both Of You Are Constantly Evolving
Over time our priorities change as we grow, so does hers. It's surprising that any relationship can survive those changes. There is a potential that two people in a relationship can steer off into entirely different directions. And the right way to address these issues from escalating any further is communication. Communication is and will always at the heart of any solution, regardless what the problem is, our big or small the problem is. Have an open, honest conversation with your partner by first appreciating for all the things she has done for the relationship, how she adapted to her new-found self, and by asking how you can be more attractive to her again. By initiating this conversation, she will feel more secure and understood, and subsequently, she’ll wonder how she can be more attractive to her newer self for you.

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