Save The Marriage Review (2014 Updated Review)

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Who is “Save The Marriage” Created For?

The book targets couples who want to work out their marriage instead of ending up in divorce. It gives importance to the essence of marriage, which not only joins two people who love each other, but one that allows God to work in the midst of them.

It helps couples who are constantly fighting each other realize how the littlest of things can often lead to big fights. It tells how fighting is not only a problem of misunderstanding, but a problem of pride and self-control.

The book also helps couples who have grown apart from each other, by leading them back to each other and realizing everything they have gone through just to keep their marriage. It shows how possible it is to rekindle a dying fire of love just by following a few simple steps.

It even helps couples who feel like they are already unhappy after a few years of marriage and feel like they are headed to separation. I believe that this book will be able to help any kind of problem in marriage that may lead to divorce.

Save The Marriage Review

Who is the Author of “Save The Marriage“?

The book was written by Lee H. Baucom, P.h.D. This book is a fresh approach in keeping a marriage intact, and it is very different from traditional counseling methods. According to the author’s studies, only 10% – 20% of those who have undergone the traditional marriage counselling methods have received the benefit they needed to fix their marriage.

It took the author 5 years to test his new method, and he found out that the success rate of his method is higher than traditional marriage counselling. It proves that his method is far more effective in many ways than the traditional ones, and reading this book will prove it.

In fact, the author even promises that his method will work even if only one spouse is willing to undergo his method, which most counsellors think of as impossible.

The author’s style of writing is conversational and very light to read. It’s just like getting and advice from a friend in a normal, conversational tone.

It doesn’t force you to do anything without understanding its relevance. It does not sound technical or something like an encyclopedia, so you will not be turned-off from beginning until the end. There are some sections in the book called “Your Turn,” that encourages you to apply his methods in your own marriage by analyzing and answering some questions.

The author discusses different issues using analogies, colorful pictures, and interesting metaphors. His style makes is easier to fully grasp each idea and every point he wants to make, and it makes you feel like you can relate to different marriage situation he has written about.

Save The Marriage Review

Facts & Benefits About “Save The Marriage

Here are some the most important topics that the author discussed in the book:

  • He discussed why traditional marriage counselling does not work in the majority of couples. He enumerated the most important factors in marriage. He also emphasized that good communication is also a good factor, but according to him, it is not the most important one.
  • He explained how the power struggles between couples tend to create more problems. He discussed about how each one wants to gain control in every situation, and how each one should learn when to step up and when to back down.
  • He explained how every couple should think of themselves as “WE”, and not just “ME,” “HIM,” or “HER.”

He pointed out that couples should not only be two people who love each other, but also two people who can act as a team every time they fight or hate something about each other.

  • He revealed the three ingredients to build a harmonious relationship, and their significance in marriage. You will also encounter a powerful question which will help prevent arguments with your spouse and at the same time make you become a level-headed person.
  • He discussed four ways to rekindle the love you thought you have already lost, and it will help you appreciate one another as you remember all the years you have spent together, and all the trials you have surpassed because you have each other.
  • He also taught about the negative effects of mood swings, and how a simple thing like that can ruin a relationship.
  • He explained how you should handle different situations which include yelling, arguing, and verbal abuse by citing various situations that you can relate to. He taught different ways to stop them immediately before things get out of hand.
  • He explained how embracing the past leaves your arms too full to welcome what is present. He pointed out how important your past experiences are because it has taught you valuable lessons and made you a better person. According to him, your past experiences should not be forgotten, but they should be set aside.
  • He discussed how important it is to nurture important values and practices wholeheartedly to be able to create a long-lasting relationship and maintain harmony in your marriage.
  • He emphasized the importance of not letting money become the source of fights, and how to make money a positive source of discussions instead. According to him, money is something that can be retrieved when lost. A broken marriage however, is far more difficult to recover because it is based on two people who should be nurturing the importance of their relationship.
  • Finally, he discussed that for a relationship to grow, it should be active in such a way that both parties are exerting efforts to keep their relationship going and improving. He states the importance of a couple who are working hand-in-hand to make it work, as opposed to a couple who is simply waiting for something to change without proactively doing something about it.


The author gave clear explanations of the different challenges that every couple will surely face, and presented easy ways to analyze each situation that will put their relationship above every challenge.

He explained it all on a very light and conversational tone that will make you feel like you are simply hearing advice from a friend.

There will be hesitation for some people to accept a new method of saving a marriage because it contradicts the traditional counselling method.

However, testimonies from couples who have followed this method give it a strong background and proven results. This ebook has saved the marriage of over 40,000 people, and proves that the method is more effective than the traditional counselling we knew.

Some people have even tried to rip off the contents of this book and claimed to be its author, which only proves how successful this book has become.

Save The Marriage Review

Save The Marriage Review – Conclusion

savethemarriageThe principles that govern the author’s method will surely give you a better understanding of your relationship, and will help you see the importance of your marriage in a different light.

It is a given that most of the new readers will still be in a frustrated mind, but as you read the book and turn every chapter, it will slowly put you in a clearer mind. It will definitely veer you towards the right direction on your way to saving your marriage. With every page there is hope that every problem can still be solved.

In the author’s point of view, there is no such thing as a “hopeless case,” because he is obviously a believer of impossible things, and I strongly believe that if you value your marriage that much, you should also have faith in it. This book will surely be a great guide on how to deal with the toughest situation.

The author has put so much confidence in this book that he promises to give a full refund of your money if this book was not able to help you. Truly, the value of this book is nothing compared to the value you put in your marriage. There is nothing for you to lose, since the author offers a money back guarantee!

So if you feel like your marriage is going through a rocky road, I strongly urge you to purchase this book. The amount you will pay for it is nothing compared to a marriage it can potentially save. I also encourage you to read each chapter with an open mind, and if you feel like you did not understand it clearly, read it again.

You may have to read some sections twice before you absorb the ideas they present, and you will have to push away the negative thoughts of “what-ifs” that your mind annoyingly creates.

Even if you have already consulted a counsellor, this book can still work for you. Don’t think that this book is only filled with clichés that you’ve been hearing in traditional marriage counselling.

This book will fill your head with information you will not hear anywhere else, and you should also arm yourself with faith and positivity that everything will work out if you commit to it.

This book is a tool that will help you fix your marriage, a dependable resource you can always turn to when you need advice, and a guide to every couple to build a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Save The Marriage Review

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