Saying “I Do”: 5 Wedding Rules Every Bride Should Break


Weddings can be stressful and some brides end up turning into “bridezillas” when planning their weddings. We'd like to say: it doesn't have to be so hard! Many brides feel like there are certain rules or traditions they need to adhere to at their wedding, when the reality is that they can do whatever they choose! While it's totally okay to play by the rules and have a more traditional wedding, some women want to step outside the box. For those women, we've got five wedding rules every bride should break:

1. Keeping Things Classy, Not Fun

When it comes to weddings, there's a lot of pressure to keep things classy, especially from mothers and mother-in-laws. Here's the deal: your wedding day is yours. If you want to make it more fun and less traditional, go right ahead. Maybe you've been told you should wear white flats with your dress when you really want to wear a pair of sneakers. Wear the sneakers, ladies!

2. Wearing A Modest Dress

Perhaps the most important part of a wedding, aside from the actual ceremony, is the wedding dress. A lot of brides feel that they should wear a modest wedding dress that is not over-the-top and does not show a lot of skin. This is absolutely fine if it's what you prefer, but if you want to wear a flashy dress that shows some cleavage, go ahead! Wear the dress that you feel most comfortable in.

3. Inviting Everyone You've Ever Met

You don't need to invite everyone who has ever been in your life to your wedding. Your mother may be insisting that your third cousin twice-removed needs to be invited, but they don't. Only invite who you feel should be there to share in your special day. There's no obligation to invite family, friends, co-workers or anyone else. Some people only want their immediate friends and family at their wedding, and that's perfectly okay!

4. Talking To All Of Your Guests

This is easily one of the most annoying wedding rules. If you end up inviting 100 people to your wedding, you don't need to interact with all 100 people at the ceremony or reception. It's totally okay to address people as a group, perhaps by table or however it is convenient for you. Your guests will just appreciate being invited. They don't need you to spend your entire day conversing with them.

5. Wearing White

Perhaps the most antiquated of all wedding rules is the idea that a bride needs to wear white. No. Just no. You do not have to obsess over finding a white dress. You can wear whatever you want in whatever color you want. In fact, wearing a color other than white will only make your wedding ceremony more unique, memorable and special.

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