Betty White Says Goodbye to Hollywood Because of her Age. We Thinks She Looks Better than Ever so We Ask her About Her Anti-Aging Products!

Sponsors pay millions to advertise their products with Betty White, and we’ve been hearing these sponsors were not happy. Why? Because she let everyone in on a secret she’s had for quite some time. After checking with our sources, the reason they were furious was because the products Betty mentioned are half the price and […]

Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her New Skincare Cream Line She Uses to Reverse Signs of Aging!

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in films for nearly 50 years now and the gorgeous actress looks like she hasn’t aged a day! What exactly is her secret? Over the years, there have been rumors about Botox injections and plastic surgery, but those have never been confirmed. In fact, Jamie Lee has spoken out against […]

Did Tanya Kim Leave Breakfast Club For Anti Aging Wrinkle Remover Skincare Business?

Viewers were shocked when Tanya Kim announced she would be leaving the hit morning program Breakfast Television. Fans of the beloved TV personality couldn’t understand why she would leave such a popular series! Tanya recently revealed why she chose to leave the series so abruptly and the reason was just as shocking as the departure! It looks […]

Roseanne Reveals Anti Aging Cream She Used to Turn Back the Clock For New TV Show!

Roseanne Barr has been all over lately with the success of her Roseanne reboot. It’s nearly impossible to turn on the television or flip through a magazine without seeing her! We’re thrilled about the success of her show, but all we can really focus on is how great she looks for 65 years old! What exactly […]

Alanis Morissette Launched Her ‘No-Tox’ Campaign and Reveals Anti Aging Cream

Alanis Morissette spent the 90’s dominating the alt rock charts, but her current endeavor looks a lot less grungey. The gorgeous singer is dedicating her time to educating women on the dangers of Botox and plastic surgery with her “No Tox” campaign. She’s so passionate about the topic, she’s developed her own anti-aging cream as […]

Kylie Minogue Reveals Anti Aging Skincare Cream Line and Her Sponsors Are Furious About THIS Product…

Can you believe Kylie Minogue turns 50 this year? Neither could we! The Australian superstar looks better than ever, and it has us wondering what here secret is… While there have been endless rumors about plastic surgery and Botox injections, Kylie has passionately denied those. So how does she maintain her youthful appearance? Either Kylie […]

Julia Stiles Reveals Her Favorite Anti Aging Wrinkle Remover. Find out More About Her Skincare Secret!

We first fell in love with Julia Stiles in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. For a few years she was Hollywood’s “It Girl”, and then it seemed like she had disappeared! While the talented actress had some roles in minor films, she managed to stay out of the public eye for many years. […]

New Age Serum Review: Can This Turn Back The Clock On Aging?

Aging skin is a nuisance that millions of people struggle with. Things like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and dark age spots are all harmless signs of aging, but most people want to get rid of them. As people age, they long for their youthful and vibrant appearance. Fortunately, there are ways to get this […]

Chelsea Clinton Becomes Richest Clinton With Launch of Anti Aging Skincare Product!

(Beauty News) The world knew her as President Bill Clinton’s daughter, but now Chelsea Clinton is conquering the skincare industry with an income that surpasses her parents! Chelsea Clinton may be used to having all eyes on her, but she definitely doesn’t like it. The daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton became the center of […]

Derma Luminous Review: Can This Brighten Dull, Aging Skin?

Getting older isn’t always fun. There are a lot of things that come with getting older that are not enjoyable. We’re talking about the unwanted changes that aging brings to your appearance, like wrinkles, fine lines, dark age spots and sagging skin. Fortunately, these unwanted changes can all be reversed or even prevented. Things like […]