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Jack Ma has made a name for himself as a serial investor and successful entrepreneur, but its his latest purchase that has people talking about him more than ever! Sources say that Jack recently poured millions into a new cryptocurrency program that has unbelievable potential. Apparently this exclusive Bitcoin software is being called “revolutionary” and […]

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(CNN News) – Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard a lot about Prince Harry lately. The beloved Prince recently married American actress Meghan Markle in a ceremony that cost £30million! We know he’s royalty, but who spends that much on a wedding?! Obviously the Royals can afford to put on such an expensive event […]

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Fans of Australia’s Shark Tank were shocked during a recent episode when Steve Baxter dropped millions to invest in a Bitcoin trading program. Steve’s facing backlash and could be in trouble after leaking this information before the show aired. No one knew the entrepreneur was so interested in crypto currency! Now Steve is spreading the word […]

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Dragon’s Den star, Peter Jones, made jaws drop during a recent episode of the hit series! In one of the highest rated episodes to date, Jones invested millions in an innovative new Bitcoin trading program! Now he’s encouraging others to invest in crypto currency themselves! What was it about the Bitcoin software that won Jones over? […]

Mother Earns 344/Hour Working from Home, Hides it from her Husband FOR 3 YEARS

How did a stay-at-home mother of two earn a fortune all from the comfort of her couch? We were shocked when we heard the story of Charice Thorn, a mother and wife from Holland. When Charice had her second child, she decided that she would stay at home to raise the kids while her husband […]

Eddie McGuire In Trouble After Revealing Secret Wealth Building Program For All Australians.

Is popular game show host Eddie McGuire in hot water after investing in a controversial cryptocurrency program? On a recent episode of Eddie’s hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, a contestant shared their innovative creation with Eddie and urged him to try it out live in the studio. It was an easy-to-use Bitcoin trading platform […]

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We know him as the hilarious host of The Daily Show, but who knew that Trevor Noah was a savvy investor? It turns out the late-night comedian has been investing in an all-new cryptocurrency program that has been helping him expand his fortune. The best part is that you can use the same program! Our research […]

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On an unbelievable episode of Dragons Den, two best friends landed one of the biggest deals in the show’s history! These two young men presented an exclusive Bitcoin program they had developed and it blew the judges away! Find Out What Happened on This Shocking Episode! This groundbreaking program has the potential to turn anyone into […]

The Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History, Bitcoin Revolution Can Make YOU Rich In Just 7 Days!

How did two best friends land the biggest deal in Shark Tank history? Two young men who had known each other since college appeared on a recent episode of the hit series and presented an incredible Bitcoin trading program they created. In fact, their creation was so amazing that it led to a huge argument between the […]