Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Share Details About Breakthrough Anti Aging Skin Care Line

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are back at it again! They seem to be a power couple in the country music world, which is understandable given the amount of projects they have taken on together and how successful they both are. Recently, they announced another project they are taking on together – and it’s not […]

Lucy Liu’s Breakthrough Anti Aging Skin Care Line Shocks Fans During Jimmy Fallon Interview

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was actually shocked into silence, which is a rare event for the social and carefree TV host. This happened when Lucy Liu sat down with Jimmy to catch up.  Lucy revealed her secret to maintaining young looking skin without having to ever go under the knife or get Botox injections. […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tells All About Leaving The View – Read About Her New Skin Care Project Here

(PIOP) Elisabeth Hasselbeck surprised fans and viewers after her recent announcement that she will be leaving The View. Rumors surrounded this announcement, with many claims that there was drama between Elisabeth and a co-host. However, her reason for moving on was finally clarified after running into her at an event in NYC. READ MORE ABOUT ELISABETH HASSELBECK’S […]

Patricia Heaton Promotes Anti Aging Cream She Claims She’s Used for Almost a Decade

Patricia Heaton is famous for her TV roles as the average-looking (at times frumpy) wife/mom. We all love her for her roles in Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle, and others. She’s obviously doing something right because she continues to get roles in hit TV series and movies. Patricia has been looking great for a while now and at […]

The Price is Right SHOCKS Audience After Revealing Cost of Revolutionary Anti Aging Skin Care Product was Only 4.95!

(PIOP) During a recent recording of The Price is Right, contestant Rita Carol shocked the audience when she guessed 5 dollars as the price of a high end anti-aging skin care product. Even host Drew Carey giggled at the bid with most assuming it would cost hundreds of dollars! Well, not only did Rita take home […]

Why Are Plastic Surgeons Furious Over This $4.95 Anti Aging Skin Care Product Shown on The Doctor’s

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the day-time TV show The Doctor’s and their recent interest in a breakthrough anti aging skin care product. This skin cream, , was featured on their show as a safe alternative to Botox and other harmful surgical procedures. What is even more significant about this product being […]

Rumors Surrounding Journalist Lara Spencer Leaving Good Morning America for Skin Care Company

Good Morning America host Lara Spencer has been rumored for some time now to be leaving the TV show and ABC network completely after an alleged incident with producers on the show. Sources have claimed that there has been tension between Lara and producers due to their pressure for her to change her appearance in […]

Numbers Don’t Lie! Melania’s Fortune Worth More Than Donald’s Because of New Anti Aging Skin Care Line!

Melania Trump may only be 46 years old but it turns out that our first lady is running one of the highest-earning companies in the country. Few people know this, but the stunning blonde quietly launched a skin care company last year and has been coy about her successful stint as CEO. HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MELANIA TRUMP’S […]

Flip or Flop Star Christina El Moussa Leaving Network in Early 2017 to Launch Anti Aging Skin Care Line!

Christina El Moussa, the star of the hit real estate show Flip or Flop, has shocked us all already and 2017 has only just started! We were quite surprised at PIOP to hear about Christina’s plans for her future. While she owes her fame and success to the real estate market, she’s ready to embark on […]

Tamron Hall’s Anti Aging Skin Cream ‘Miracle Serum’ Revealed After Sharing Why She Really Left Today Show

Tamron Hall shocked her fans and audience of the very popular Today show after leaving the TV show completely. NBC network seemed to take a hit after Tamron left, and fans speculated as to why this happened in the first place. It turns out Tamron was working on her multi-million dollar skin care company. While […]