We’ve Got 6 Amazing Secrets From Kate Middleton’s Beauty Routine!

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is absolutely gorgeous. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her beautiful smile, flawless skin and enviable hair. Are her good looks the product of great genes? (Her sister, Pippa, is gorgeous also…so there must be something in the genes!) It turns out Kate has a few exclusive beauty […]

Lucy Liu Skin Care Cream Confession on Jimmy Fallon – Find out More About her Favorite Beauty Product!

(PIOP) – She’s been on the Jimmy Fallon show dozens of times, but her latest appearance came with a shocking revelation! Lucy’s revelation was so shocking that even the talkative Jimmy Fallon was speechless! She revealed the secret to how she has maintained her youthful looks for decades without ever having plastic surgery. After Jimmy […]

Sophie Marceau’s Sponsors Threaten to Void Contract After She Reveals Skin Care Secrets

Sophie Marceau has put her contract with her sponsors in jeopardy after revealing to viewers and fans her own skin care secrets. Sponsors pay millions for celebs to support and advertise their products and there’s a level of loyalty that is expected. Sophie has upset her skin care sponsor and could pay the hefty price […]

Salma Hayek Names Her Top Anti Aging Recommendations for Younger Looking Skin in 2017

The year just started, but Salma Hayek has already named her top secrets to try for more youthful skin in 2017. Salma recently appeared on Hollywood’s favorite doctor’s TV show to talk about her new facial rejuvenation skin cream . Salma told the audience that she has been using this anti aging cream daily to diminish wrinkles and […]

During Interview, Alyssa Milano Spills About Her Anti Aging Skin Secrets She Uses to Remove Wrinkles! And It’s NOT Surgery

Beautiful actress Alyssa Milano has made herself known for her gorgeous complexion along with her natural, and eco-friendly lifestyle. At the age of 44, she is still killing it – thanks to her flawless skin, she looks almost identical to when she was in Charmed, or even Melrose Place. Of course she is an amazing actress, […]

Catherine Zeta Jones Finally Exposes Her Anti Aging Beauty Secret That Only Hollywood Knew About Until Now!

Catherine Zeta Jones has been a long time Hollywood beauty. She got an early start to her acting career when she starred in Annie and other well-known musicals when she was just a teenager. At the age of 47, Catherine Zeta Jones is looking radiant and younger than ever. During a brief interview where we […]

Kate Beckinsale Exposes Anti Aging Secret to Her Esthetician – Find Out What This Hollywood Beauty Has Been Using

Kate Beckinsale got her start as an actress in the early 90s, but did not become a household name until years later when she starred in Brokedown Palace, Serendipity, and Pearl Harbor, just to name a few. The British beauty has also adapted her look over the years to adjust to Hollywood style and glamour. At age […]

Martha Stewart Finally Agrees to Share Her Skin Care Secrets on Celeb Doctor’s TV Show – See What Product She Calls Her “Wrinkle Eraser”

After many years in the spotlight (one that even included a small stint in jail), Martha Stewart has accumulated many celebrity secrets she’s picked up as she’s amassed a fortune well over $300 million. But the secret women everywhere have been begging to get the answer to is how Martha manages to maintain her glowing appearance well into […]

Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Her New Skincare Cream Line She Uses to Reverse Signs of Aging!

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in films for nearly 50 years now and the gorgeous actress looks like she hasn’t aged a day! What exactly is her secret? Over the years, there have been rumors about Botox injections and plastic surgery, but those have never been confirmed. In fact, Jamie Lee has spoken out against […]

Did Tanya Kim Leave Breakfast Club For Anti Aging Wrinkle Remover Skincare Business?

Viewers were shocked when Tanya Kim announced she would be leaving the hit morning program Breakfast Television. Fans of the beloved TV personality couldn’t understand why she would leave such a popular series! Tanya recently revealed why she chose to leave the series so abruptly and the reason was just as shocking as the departure! It looks […]