Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work For Weight Loss?

Obesity is an American epidemic, with millions of people around the country struggling to lose weight and get healthy. While it’s the old standard, diet and exercise just doesn’t work for everyone. People who fail to lose weight with diet and exercise often resort to drastic measures like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. These procedures […]

Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar: A Foolproof Weight Loss Solution?

With millions of people around the world struggling to lose weight, it seems like there are always new weight loss tips and tricks being presented to the public. There are the crazy diets, insane workout routines, risky surgical procedures and dangerous diet pills. Some of these things actually work, like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. […]

Stanford Student Loses 37 Pounds With Apple Cider Vinegar and This Weight Loss Trick!

Sophia Roberts was just your average student at Stanford University when she made a life-changing discovery. While working on a research paper for her Masters degree in Nutritional Science, she stumbled across an ad for an all-natural supplement that promised to accelerate weight loss and suppress appetite. Sophia had been struggling with her weight for […]

Find Out How Suzanna Ryan Lost 120 Pounds on the Ketogenic Weight Loss Pill!

Are you tired of following crazy diets and strict exercise routines to lose weight? Has losing weight been an impossible struggle for you? Single mother, Suzanne Ryan, may have found the ultimate solution to any all weight loss struggles with the ketogenic diet! Suzanne revealed her story during a recent appearance on Megyn Kelly Today. […]

Jessica Rowe Quits STUDIO 10 After Weight Loss Pill Saga!

Fans were shocked when beloved TV personality Jessica Rowe abruptly quit her hit series STUDIO 10. The random exit made many viewers wonder why Jessica would decide to leave such a successful show! Rumor has it Jessica left the popular series due to some drama surrounding weight loss pills! Sources say that Jessica was caught using diet […]

Vannah White Depressed After Losing Wheel of Fortune Job Over Weight Loss Controversy!

Was Vanna White fired from her longtime gig on Wheel of Fortune? Fans were devastated to hear rumors that Vanna would be departing the show after 36 years! They couldn’t imagine what would cause the show to let Vanna go when she played such an important role and brought in many viewers over the decades. Sources […]

Is Lara Spencer Being Forced to Leave Good Morning America because of this Weight Loss Pill?

Did Good Morning America fire Lara Spencer over her new business endeavor? Viewers were shocked when Lara announced she would be leaving GMA, but never revealed the reason. Now sources are saying that Lara was actually fired from the hit morning series because she was dedicating too much time to her all-new weight loss pill! We […]

Lizzy Wilson Loses 56lbs in 6 Weeks By Using A $4.97 Weight Loss Method

After two children, single mom Lizzy Wilson found herself struggling with her weight at only 35 years old. The Los Angeles native had tried everything to get in shape, including crazy diets and strict workout routines. Nothing she tried seemed to be working. She considered that everyone in her family was also overweight, so maybe […]

Exclusive Interview – Proud Mother Prerna Gulati Shares Her Life Saving 106 kg Weight Loss Journey

How did a single mother of three manage to lose 106kg with no dieting or exercise? Prerna Gulati had struggled with her weight for years, but between working full-time and raising her children, she had no time to dedicate to exercising. Fortunately, she discovered a simple way to lose the weight quickly! Prerna’s doctor, Dr. […]

Miracle Weight Loss Supplement Nets Biggest Investment in Dragons Den History!

In one of the highest rated Dragon’s Den episodes ever, all five investors battled to purchase an amazing new weight loss pill called . After a heated back-and-forth, they ultimately teamed up to each purchase a share in the company. It was the first time such a deal was made on the hit series! So what […]