Second Date Tips For Men And Women

So, finally, you have made it to your second date. The second date is the time when you truly get to know about the other person. His/her real personality, past relationships, interest, likes, dislikes, etc. So, usually by the end of your second date, you will be able to get to know each other’s true inner self.

After your first date, here are a few tips that will strengthen the bond of your relationship and make the second date a successful one:

Greeting your date with a hug

Start your second date with a warm long hug. It will be helpful in breaking the ice between you two and increase the comfort level which is necessary for the start of a strong and healthy relationship.

Try out something completely different than your first date

Your second date should be different from your first date to create a new and fresh environment. By doing so, you will have something different and more to talk about. Moreover, your second date should not be a formal one like your first date. You can just stop by for a quick subway bite or go for a good old movie date.

Your dressing should be slightly casual than your first date

You may have worn your best-looking clothes on your first date but keep it simple and more casual going for your second one.

Women can go for a hugging shirt along with skinny jeans and heels. Keep it low on the makeup and stay as natural as possible. On the other hand, men can wear a nice looking shirt or a T-shirt along with jeans or khakis, casual pair of shoes and jacket is optional.

Revealing a real color of your inner self slightly

On the first date usually, the colors of the character and personality are not shown. The second date is the best time to get close to each other. Couples usually start showing their true self on their second date which includes their habits, likings and original personality.

Recall the talks of your first date

Show that you are a good listener. Impress them by remembering what you had talked about and did on the first date. This shows how genuinely you are interested in that guy or girl.

For example, if he told you about his brother’s new job, you can follow up by asking how it is going so far. This imposes a very positive impact on your relationship.

Allow your conversation to be slightly more personal

First date conversations are usually ice-breaking talks; however, on your second date, get a little closer to being a little personal. Speak of life journeys, past experiences and relationships, future goals, etc.

Increase your flirting quotient

Every person is reserved on their first date. They flirt indirectly. Obviously, they would never like to sound desperate. The second date is the time to loosen yourself a bit. Compliment your partner openly. Don’t be shy and let your attraction be known.

Getting touchy-feeling on your second date

On your first date, touchy-feeling signifies desperation. While on the second date, it is a clear signal of attraction. If you are attracted to your date, look for the signs of attraction through their body language too.

Well, these are the simple tips to follow. It is advised to increase your interaction after your second date via text messages, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. It indicates happiness and is a healthy sign of a long term relationship.

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