Secrets To How To Get A Girl To Kiss You At A Party

In the modern world, kissing a girl is not a crime, infact it is sexy and fun to get into the act. Kissing a girl at the club or party is very common these days and the girls also enjoy being kissed by the guys. The guys who have good skills of flirting, dating and kissing a girl will never feel trouble in getting the girl ready for kiss at the party, even if she is a stranger. But the guys, who are shy and have never kissed a girl before, are needed to learn the skills to how to get a girl to kiss you at a party. There are lots of experts at the dating websites that provide their valuable and worthy guidance to the teenagers and newbie to kiss a stranger or to their girlfriend at the party. Here are mentioned some valuable advices that you should consider to get a girl to kiss you.

Make your personality attractive

It is very common for the people to get attracted to the beautiful things and the things that give pleasure to the eyes. So, if you want a girl to like you or to kiss you, you should improve your personality. Wear neat and clean clothes that suits to the theme of the party. If there is no theme, then you can opt for the casual wear. Pay attention on your grooming. Do not forget the fragrance. Your body odor can prevent the girls to coming close to you. So, before going to the party, make sure that you have a shower. Pick up the nice fragrance from your collection. If you do not have any, then you can get it borrowed from your brother or friend. Sometimes a seductive fragrance is enough to attract a girl. Make sure that fragrance you wear should not be very strong. It will help you to have the best looks and great smell that could easily make a girl to fall in love with you at first sight.

Make yourself ready to kiss a girl

Kissing is an art. If you don’t know how to kiss, then you should learn this art and get mastery over it. Before knowing about how to get a girl to kiss you at a party, you should learn the tips to kiss a girl.  If you are a good kisser, then a girl whom you kiss will want you to kiss her second time also.  You should be gentle while kissing and make her feel your warmth of love. Do not show your lust over her by grabbing her tightly that could hurt her. There are many more tips that will improve your skills for kissing. You can learn these tips from the experts. Another important point that you should focus to get yourself ready to kiss a girl is that make your breadth fresh. If you have a habit of smoking or chewing tobacco then you should give it up as soon as possible. If you find it tough to give up completely, then you should atleast do not smoke or chew tobacco before going to the party or kissing a girl. It can leave a bad impression on the girl.

Show signs that you are interested in her

Any girl will want to kiss a guy who is interested in her. At the party, there will be so many girls who are stranger to you so if you want to kiss her at the party, then you should first let her know that you like her and want to kiss her. It is better to show her instead of saying that you want to kiss her.  You can flirt with her, offer her to dance with you, appreciate her sexy dress and sexy body, make a good eye contact with her while talking to her and often touch her while talking. It will make her realize your intention to kiss her. Hence, she will not refuse when you kiss her. Another trick that works most of the time in getting the girl to kiss you is to make her feel secure about you. You can do this by being the center of attraction of the other girls at the party. By giving her these signs, she will be prepared for the kiss and make up her mind to kiss you.

Timing is very important

It is said that time is the most valuable thing in the world and this fact has proved to be true while approaching a girl for a kiss. If you are looking for how to get a girl to kiss you at a party, you should first learn about the right timing to kiss a girl. If your timing is wrong then there are chances that it could create a bad impression of yours. Avoid kissing a girl while she is eating or drinking. You can kiss her while she is talking to you or dancing with you. Any other time, when your instincts suggest you to kiss her, you should make a move to kiss her. Do not wait for a long time to kiss. It may make a girl to feel that you have no balls to go for it.

Don’t worry about the rejection      

You should also not think about getting rejected after the kiss. Even if you get rejected, it is not a big deal, you should be happy that at least that you have the guts to express your feelings and sometimes, this makes the girls to feel more attracted towards you. Guys should be ready to face all sorts of consequences. It is better to face rejection than to keep your feeling hidden that will pinch you throughout your life. Guys should remember that they should not be depressed post rejection. If you are not confirmed whether a girl is interested in you or not, you should listen to her body language and first give a short kiss to her and make a slow move so that she can feel your  kiss and do not reject you in any way. Another important point for how to get a girl to kiss you at a party without a worry of facing the rejection is to kiss her with confidence.

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