Serena Williams Shares the Best Dating Advice She Ever Got (Hint: It Was From Oprah!)

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You're all familiar with Serena Williams, right? Pro-athlete and activist? One of the greatest tennis players of all time? All around badass? Yeah, you know Serena. Well, the seven-time Wimbledon champ recently shared the best piece of advice she ever received – and it has nothing to do with tennis.

Serena opened up about love and relationships, sharing the best piece of dating advice she ever got. So who bestowed these words of wisdom upon Serena? Well, none other than Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself. Yeah, that's how cool Serena is. She gets dating advice from Oprah. Anyways, you're probably anxious to find out what that great piece of advice was, right? Oprah told Serena to “never settle for someone who would dim her light.” …WOW.

Can Oprah share that piece of advice with literally every single person who is in a rocky relationship or looking to meet someone right now? We totally get why this advice made such a difference for Serena. Too many women accept partners who diminish their skills, accomplishment, ambition, and motivation. Too many women spend their lives taking the backseat to partners who want to be in the spotlight.

Legendary actress Glenn Close recently shared a similar sentiment when accepting her award for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. She shared the story of her mother, who passed away feeling as if she had never accomplished anything…because she spent her entire life as a wife and mother. This is just one of countless, endless examples of women giving up their dreams to make their existence about their partners.

These stories and pieces of advice are important. They remind women that their life is still their life. When it comes to love and relationships, you should never give up your dreams or your identity for someone else. If your partner expects that from you, then they aren't the right person for you. Find someone who lets you step into the spotlight and shine.

Obviously Serena took Oprah's words of wisdom to heart. She recently got married, and it seems that her husband is not dimming her light in any way. Serena is still on the court breaking records and definitely isn't taking a backseat to anyone anytime soon!

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