Seven Reasons Why Good Relationships Come To an End

Most people think that only bad relationships come to an end, but do you know that even good and healthy relationships can also die. Breakups aren’t easy, and if it was a great relationship, that's even worse, and both people in that relationship will find it very hard to cope and move on. But, the reasons why good relationships can end are surprisingly quite evident, and not hard to decode.

Here are seven most common reasons why good relationships end:

Long Distance Relationships

Maintain long distance relationships can sometimes be very frustrating, especially if one partner in the relationship is very emotional. So, regular communication is the key and to keep this relationship intact; you need to keep the communication flowing. When that stops, then an invisible barrier start to appear and this can lead to the demise of the relationship eventually.

Your Partner’s Real Self Get Exposed

Most people in their first dates, tend to overcompensate and in most cases, don’t reveal a lot of their actual personalities. But, if you have been in a relationship for four to five months or even longer, you come to know a lot of your partners’ true personality and characteristics. This is a crucial moment of any relationship as this relationship can end up in a breakup or take the relationship to the new beginning. This is why it’s critical to take some time to get to know the person you are dating very well.

Dishonesty and Untrustworthy

Trustworthiness and honesty are the cornerstones to have a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. Any relationship that lack trust and honestly won’t last very long. That’s why cheating and flirting with other people while being in a relationship is a total no-no.

Avoid Responsibilities

When people first start dating, they put a lot of effort in impressing and gaining the trust and compassion from their partners. But once things get settled down, they stop putting any fresh energy or thought into advancing their relationship or taking any long-term responsibilities. This is a fatal mistake. Both partners must dedicate more time, energy, share responsibilities, and have date nights and so on before the relationship ends.

Too Much Criticism Creeps In

A relationship won’t flourish if you only criticize and argue with one another, even over less important issues. The relationship will only thrive if both persons in a relationship support each other, focus on each other’s common interests, and build their relationship on it.

You have different Interests and views

You and your partner have different interests and different perspectives on important aspects of life like religion, parenting, social issues, financial responsibility, and so on. You always find both of you nitpicking on each other interests, views, and other activities. In short, you don’t complement each other. If you want to have a happy relationship, it’s wise to be with a partner whose interests and views are closely related to your own. For example, if you five or six interests are in a relationship with someone who has shares at least two or three of them.

Your Partner Have Unrealistic Expectations

We all have our own personalities, qualities, and flaws. So, focusing on our best qualities that will bring the best of us should be the goal of any relationship. You won’t find “prince charming” or “the perfect girlfriend” on planet earth and that’s the reality.

So, there you have, being in a relationship is no easy task. Every relationship requires hard work, patience, compromise, mutual understanding, and respect. Without it, it doesn’t matter how good two individuals in a relationship are, or how good a relationship seems to be; it’s bound to end.

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