Seven Things Single People Are Fed Up of Hearing

It appears that people who are in relationships are very much interested in the lives of their single friends more than their own lives. So, it’s no surprise their single friends are annoyed and tired of their nosy questions and comments such, ‘why are you still single,' or ‘why aren’t you dating anyone?’ And so on. When your reply them in a negative tone, they get all judgmental and make you feel less worthy than them.

Okay, let me tell one thing, there is nothing wrong with you being single. So, don’t let your friends make you feel less. Secondly, when someone asks you these types of questions, it’s okay to make them feel guilty. Here are some questions all those single folks are tired of hearing and how to respond to them in a sarcastic and witty way.

1. You will find love when you least expect it

Well not exactly. You need to put some effort to locate the person you need to fall in love with. If your pals tell you this, let them know that it’s up to you on how to live your life and look for the right person to have a relationship.

2. You get lonely sometimes, right?

Yes, single people sometimes get lonely. But, it is even worse when you feel lonely and miserable despite being in a relationship. Why do you ask? It’s because being married or being in a relationship with a man or woman is one of the worst things to happen to a person’s life as neither can satisfy or fulfill each other’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

3. Are you anxious that you can’t have children?

Women are having babies at their 40s. So, there is a better chance that you too will have kids. Tell your overly caring girlfriend that it’s your body, and it’s your choice when to become a mother.

4. Try online dating, it’s great

Tell your friend to buzz off, when he or she got all excited and cheered up when they tell you to try online dating. We all have tried online dating. Some like it, some have good experiences using it if it’s working for them significantly. Some don’t like it. So, its better you don’t remind them of it.

5. There are plenty of fish in the sea

Just because there are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t always give you a chance to catch one. It takes around ten dates to get one date, with who most men and women will consider going for a second date.

6. You’re still single because you’re just too picky

There is a big difference when it comes to looking what you want to see in a person that will be right for you to be in a healthy relationship. Then there is nitpicking; here you’re trying to find something wrong with someone.

7. Let me set you up with someone

Blind dates work out; sometimes they go wrong. It’s all about being creative and how can you handle the situation. We suggest your friend bring along your blind date, so he or she can meet in a group setting to avoid anything awkward.

Always keep a positive outlook when you’re single, and have faith in yourself that one day you will meet a girl who will be willing to accept who you are and want to be your partner.

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