Sexless Marriages or Relationships Aren’t Always Relationship Killer

Apart from what’s been told by various relationships experts and written in articles and websites, sex isn't the most important part of a relationship. We’re always being exposed to the greatest and latest ways to improve things in the bedroom, not merely because sex is fun and healthy, but because it’s vital for a strong, healthy and long-term romantic relationship. Right?

Well, that’s the common assumption, but the reality is different. So, what’s a sexless marriage or relationship anyway? Well, “sexless” marriage or relationship is defined as couples having sex ten times or less per year. You might want to ask so are those couples for whom sex isn't their high priority, miserable and in unhealthy relationships? Should they break up? What’s actually happening in their relationships?

A sex-free marriage can work if both partners are comfortable with the arrangement. If one partner wants to have more sex than his/her partner, or more than he/she is comfortable with, then practicing an alternative relationship approach such as polyamory can be an option. With consent from each other, he/she can also consider having an open relationship that includes sex or maintains sexual relationships with outside partners. It's imperative to note that penetrative intercourse isn't a requirement for a couple to be happy and have a great sex life. It’s possible for people to experience fantastic sex with sex toys, hands, mouths as well.

To explain this better here’s what real women, who happen to have little to no sex and yet are happy, loving and in love, have to say about what it's like to be in a satisfying, sexless relationship.

Example#1: Affection Is Key
Candice, 52, who is married for 11 years, didn't realize she was in a sex-free marriage until her husband talked to her about it. To give you some pretext, she hasn't had sex in the five months. Well, there are some real reasons for it such she and her partner’s our work schedules have gotten different, he worked in the morning while she worked as a nurse in the evening. So, the time both come home, all they do is sleep. Candice, however, reiterates that despite the lack of sex, their relationship still feels healthy. They still feel like close friends; they support each other’s jobs, they touch, kiss and cuddle, whenever they can. She said she still feels the same way about her husband like the way she felt on her honeymoon, this despite the fact, the last time they did the deed was eight months ago.

Example# 2: Sex On The Side
Rose H., 44, says her sex-free marriage is different from others. She stated that her marriage isn’t sexless, at least she isn’t. She and her husband have agreed to with each other to see others outside of their marriage – an open marriage, if you say so. Rose H. and her husband agreed to this because of certain circumstances and also they this was the best alternative for them. She said that they decided to opt for this option because they got married young and after being married for 20 years together, they started to have second thoughts they would have been better off if they didn’t marry each other or be in a relationship with other and remained friends. Both also thought of getting divorced, but they did go for any of that as she and her husband were both unsure about what they truly want. The main thing here is a sexless marriage, or a relationship can only work if both partners are on the same page.

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