Shark Tank Diabetes Cure Episode Nets Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History

Two Korean Scientists Discover How To Permanently Reverse Diabetes. Sharks Predict Diabetes Will Be a Thing of The Past By 2020.

Fox News – Two sisters from Korea just landed the biggest deal in Shark Tank history! All five sharks teamed up to give Angela and Yoojin Kim's company an incredible $2.5 million for their Diabetes cure. In only six months their product has managed to crumble the entire diabetes industry in Korea. With some big help from the Sharks, they're about to take over the world market! They've completely re-branded and re-packaged their product, CBD-XRP Oil, and they're ready to release it in the United States. Check out the incredible demonstration below that caught the Sharks' attention!

Does the Shark Tank Diabetes Cure Supplement Really Work?

It turns out the Kim sisters extracted a non-psychoactive chemical compound from cannabis. The chemical, called cannabidiol, can relieve pain, anxiety and stress. It can also treat dementia and Alzheimer's. Most importantly, it can effectively reverse diabetes. There are numerous “supplements” on the market that claim to prevent or cure diabetes, but the Kim sisters have used cannabidiol to produce the first reuptake inhibitor (RI), which means this can completely cure and reverse diabetes permanently. RIs block the plasmalemmal transporter-mediated reuptake of a neurotransmitter from the synapse to the pre-synaptic neuron, which stimulates beta cells to absorb insulin. In basic terms, this is a guaranteed way to cure both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes permanently, along with things like joint pain, arthritis, stress, depression and low energy.

“Diabetes has needed a cure for so long. We're so excited to be working with the Kim sisters and we're looking forward to expanding production.”

It's rarely reported on, but the diabetes industry is a huge market. Studies have shown that 11% of Americans over 40 have diabetes and over 80% of Americans struggle with depression or anxiety. Obviously there's a lot of potential for the Sharks to profit from this investment, but does the product actually work?

After Watching the Shark Tank Diabetes Cure Episode We Decided to Try It Ourselves

In order to test the validity of the Kim sister's product, Fox News needed a volunteer to test it out. Since my husband has struggled with Type 2 diabetes for years, I decided I'd try it out. I had nothing to lose.

I placed my order and within a few days arrived at my house. I was so excited to see my husband's results. Before he went to bed, I gave him one of the pills and told him it was a vitamin.

The next day, my husband's energy level stayed up all through the day. His mood was so great that he surprised me with a nice dinner!

It's been four weeks now and we just got great results back from his doctor. We're both so happy. I anticipated the formula would work, but not this good!

What Were the Results?

According to the Sharks, this formula is supposed to reverse diabetes, and that's exactly what it did with my husband. He has high energy. He can eat his favorite foods again. All of his friends are commenting on how young he looks. For the price of a movie ticket – and without a prescription – we were able to completely cure his diabetes. These results are worth every penny. (I ordered three more packs of the stuff!) Life is too short to skimp on self care.

So I am definitely recommending to anyone, of any age, who wants to permanently reverse their diabetes. Take advantage of the free trial offer. My husband was fully cured of his diabetes and he is the happiest he's ever been. He wakes up with a smile on his face every single day now!

We asked the Sharks for comment and they generously gave us a promotional limited supply of risk-free trials of .

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