Joint Pain Relief Formula Gets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History

joint pain relief

In one of the highest rated Shark Tank episodes ever, Anna and Samantha Martin presented a groundbreaking new product!

It was the first time all five Sharks had ever fought to each invest over a million dollars in a product!

What is the Shark Tank joint Relief Formula?

Ultimately, all five Sharks teamed up to purchase an incredible 25% of Anna and Samantha Martin's innovative joint relief product. Now they're helping the two sisters to re-brand and re-package their product for a global launch!

Hailing their product as, “the greatest discovery in joint care,” the Shark Tank judges are thrilled with the investment. The Martin sisters can hardly believe it! “We never expected this to happen. If anything, we thought we'd just get some great business advice,” Anna explains. The sisters could hardly contain their excitement when all five judges teamed up to invest in their product.

The Sharks were shocked that one product could do all of the following:

– Instantly Removes Joint Pain
– Reduces Inflammation
– Increases Range Of Motion

– Increases Flexibility & Mobility
– Gets Rid Of Back, Knee & Neck Pain For Good
– Guaranteed Professional Results at Home
– Recommended and Supported by The American Arthritis Society

“I still can't believe it's real. All of these successful people wanting to be a part of our company? It's incredible,” Samantha explains.

The sisters are the first presenters in Shark Tank history to get a standing ovation from all five judges. After filming the episode, they celebrated with cake and champagne!

joint relief productThe Martin sisters received the first standing ovation in Shark Tank history!

Since the episode wrapped filming, the Martin sisters have been working with the Sharks to re-brand and re-package their product.

“The two products that we presented on the show have been re-packaged and re-branded into . It's still the same formula, just re-vamped packaging!” Anna says.

sold out within 5 minutes of the Martin sisters launching it on their company website!

“We were so sure that we had enough in stock. We never expected the demand to be so high!” Samantha says.

The Sharks are still celebrating their great investment and people all over are racing to purchase ! Those who have already gotten their hands on it say it is life-changing.

Clinical trials of have shown the product's amazing results. It has the power to completely eliminate joint pain almost immediately!

is going to change the way that we treat joint pain,” explains Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

Celebrities Love

joint pain relief

“As I age, I've found that I have terrible joint pain! It was starting to affect my everyday life. has helped immensely and I am so grateful for it.” – Oprah Winfrey

joint pain relief

“I started using a few years ago for my severe joint pain and it has made such a difference! I would recommend it to anyone!” – Megan Mullally

joint pain relief

“I have a crazy work schedule, running around movie sets. It can be really hard on my joints as I get older. has helped so much!” – Sandra Bullock

joint pain relief

“I love dancing on my show, but it gets harder as I age. I started using and I'm more flexible than ever!” – Ellen DeGeneres

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