She Likes You But She’s Not Interested In Relationship. What Should To Do?

Have you ever been in a situation when a woman tells you that she likes you, but certainly not in the way you would expect? It appears to you that she “likes you,” but not interested in taking things to the next level. In this situation, most guys think that they’ve become victims of the dreaded friend zone. So, they try everything they can to woo her. They chase her, call and text her all the time. They become desperate and clingy. They believe that if they do all of this, she will be attracted to them. But, the truth is love doesn’t work that way.

So, what can you do instead? Here are a few tips:

1. Stop Getting Worried About What She Thinks.
When a woman seems interested in you, you can take the whole thing in two ways. Either it can be blessing (you can have a relationship with her), or it’s a curse (she makes you her friend). That’s we advice men so stop wondering and guessing about the whole situation. Stop thinking about what she thinks, rather start thinking about yourself. What and how you think about yourself will have an effect on your behavior, body language and every word you say. They either signal to the woman that you’re either a “relationship material,” or “friendship material.” So, relax and assume that she will either make you’re her significant other or a just a friend.

2. Don’t Chase Her, Instead Challenge Her
One big mistake most guys make while pursuing a woman they like is they chase her. They get all desperate, clingy and possessive. They believe that these unworthy acts will help get them the approval which they desperately need to date her. Otherwise, they fear that they will find themselves thrown in the friend zone. The right way to get the woman you want is to challenge her, rather than chasing her or stalking her. Look for a way to get to know more about her. Stop being her shoulder where she can cry on, and start challenging her in fun and flirty ways in these areas. For instance, if you’re with a lady that you would like to be your girlfriend and you seem to disagree with something she says or does. Rather than getting all defensive or “smoochy” of her views, take advantage of the situation. Tease her opinions and argue why she’s wrong. Then ask her to explain how she feels about it. Ask her why and how she thinks it that. This not only shows that you’re confident man, and adamant about your views, but you’re also interested to know more about her viewpoint.

3. Know When To Move On
Yes, sometimes despite all your effort, things always don’t end as we expect them to happen. If that situation arrives, it’s time you accept your situation and move on. Let her go to her way. It’s the right thing for doing for her and for you too. After all, what’s the point of investing all of your time and energy on something that can’t be fixed or has no happy ending?

When you’re looking for a girlfriend and found someone you like, but she isn’t interested in you, try to make her feel attracted to you by following the above tips. If all fails, let her go and move on. There are plenty of women around the corner with whom you can truly connect and date.

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