What Does Dating An “Only Child” Feel Like?

If you are dating someone who is selfish like anything, doesn’t care a bit about anyone else’s feelings and is too caught up in his/her own wants then you are probably stuck with an only child. Thus, you will be aware of the characteristics of the only child syndrome. The label is basically given to all those who don’t have any siblings, and these points below will justify why the word “syndrome” has been used to refer to this situation:

#1 No sharing

They are used to getting everything just for themselves right from childhood. Whether it is their food, clothes or bedroom; they have never had to share anything with anyone. So, if you’re dating someone like this, then forget about sharing their clothes and being romantic over eating from a single plate. They just won't go for that.

#2 They are selfish

Those who are an only child are used to being spoon fed everything. Their whole world just revolves around them only. Their parents probably are responsible for most of it, but it's too late. They have only cared about what their needs are which is why you shouldn’t expect them to tak care of your needs. In fact, get ready to please them 24/7.

#3 They are not patient

Being spoon fed and getting all desires fulfilled at the blink of an eye has made them used to getting their way. Now, if you delay something that they have asked for, then get ready for a serious argument. You will always find them whining about having to wait, whether in a queue or at random events.

#4 Goal driven

This is probably the only upside to this whole situation because their parents have always given them the individual attention and a lot of time has been invested on their upbringing. This is why these kids pursue goals and are passionate to achieve them. They are intelligent and have probably always been at the top of their educational career. There is a high chance that these will be equally goal driven in their job career and will achieve a lot of success.

#5 Overprotective parents

Their parents have only had one child to look up to and now that you two are dating, his/her parents will not be okay with having to share the love. The parents will then interfere in your relationship and make things even worse.

#6 More mature

These kids have spent all their lives in the home being with only their parents. Their upbringing has been done around adults, so they tend to be more mature. This may be good or bad for you. Good because they know exactly what they want in life but bad because they might be a little boring and not up for all the crazy childish fun.

#7 Imaginary friends

They never had siblings with whom they could spend their time, so most of these kids develop some sort of imaginary friends. This can get a little scary because many of them have had these friends for a long time and continue enjoying with these friends even when they are adults.

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