Show Your Partner You Truly Love Them Without Uttering A Single Word

When it comes to showing our love and affection to our lovers, most of us are habituated of saying, “I love you” to him or her. But, saying this three words phrase to our partners, there are more than a “million” ways on how to express your love to them. You don’t always have to say, “I love you” to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you truly love them.

Here are three ways how you can learn to love wisely and profoundly and express it to your partner in a very genuine way. They may seem simple to you, but they are essential at the same time, too.

  1.   Take every opportunity

Expressing your love to your significant other doesn’t mean that buying an expensive scarf or a watch for your partner on Valentine’s Day every year. Many relationship therapists say that they have counseled couples who stopped showing their love because they do not feel appreciated. Love doesn't work that way. We need to remember that what we give someone will somehow come back to us – always. But, the most important thing all couples need to remember is that we don’t give something to get it back. We give our love to someone without any conditions. It’s called unconditional love. So, take every opportunity you get to show your love to your significant other in a little or a big way. It’s better this way. Keep in mind, don’t love to be loved, just love someone to love.

  1.   Love yourself

If you loved someone and wanted to show your partner your true love, then start loving yourself. Self-love is essential if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. Loving someone else by having little to no love for yourself isn’t only destructive and unhealthy to yourself, it is also unfair toward the other person. No one wants a partner who will sacrifice himself or herself for love. It creates a dynamic that won’t last for a long time. Remember, you will need to take care and love yourself before you give true unconditional love to someone else.

  1.   Stop with the judgments

Judgment is the exact opposite of love. And, yes, we all do it. Because, since the day we were born we have conditioned to judge people. What most of us don’t realize is that judging others is a virus in our society. If you want to show someone you truly love him or her, you need to get rid of your judging mind about everything they do, say, or are. Allow your partner to be authentic and true to themselves. Stop judging what is right or wrong, stop criticizing him or her, and stop trying to change their personality, who they are and what they have been doing. Take the task of stopping judging the one you genuinely love as an interesting exercise you can do every day.  Enjoy the exercise of expressing your true love and feelings to someone else. Not only will you be surprised by the results, but you will also get to know about who you really are, too.

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