Showing You Care: 50 Romantic Gestures To Express Your Love

While we all want a perfect relationship, things don't always work out that way. No matter how good the relationship is, we often get caught up with work or other things and begin neglecting our partner. We stop doing the little, romantic gestures that show our partners we care. To help you get back on track, we've got fifty romantic gestures that will help you express your love for your partner.

  1. Send them a sweet text or email unexpectedly.
  2. Plan a spontaneous date night at their favorite restaurant.
  3. Leave a little love note in their purse or briefcase.
  4. Surprise them with a gift they had said they wanted.
  5. Do chores around the house that they would normally do.
  6. Fill up the fridge with all of their favorite food.
  7. Surprise them at work and bring them lunch from a place they love.
  8. Take a drive to somewhere you've never been before and explore a new place together.
  9. Give them a foot rub or back massage.
  10. Fill up the gas tank in their car without them knowing.
  11. Make them breakfast in bed.
  12. Let them pick out the movie for once!
  13. Take a romantic walk together in a scenic place.
  14. Start a new hobby together.
  15. Recreate your first date and take a trip down memory lane.
  16. Make a creative coupon book that they can use in exchange for massages, tasks, etc.
  17. Write them an old-school love letter and place it in the mailbox for them to find.
  18. Scatter rose petals on the bed and around the bedroom.
  19. Declare a certain day of the month “your day” and always spend that day doing something special together.
  20. Take them out for a nice picnic.
  21. Walk them to their car when they leave for work in the morning.
  22. Surprise them with a subscription to a magazine about something they're interested in.
  23. Pack them a special lunch to take to work.
  24. Work out together.
  25. Get a nice frame and set up a framed picture of the two of you somewhere in your home for them to later find.
  26. Brag about them to your family and friends.
  27. Take a trip to the beach together.
  28. Grab them and kiss them when they least expect it.
  29. Let them tell you all about something they're passionate about.
  30. Have them teach you a new skill that they're really good at.
  31. Baby them when they are not feeling well.
  32. Go stargazing with them and bring a bottle of their favorite champagne.
  33. Take a bath or shower together.
  34. Drive somewhere nice and watch the sunrise/sunset together.
  35. Shamelessly flirt with them like you just met.
  36. Pack on the PDA when you're out somewhere.
  37. Make a savings jar and start saving for a trip to somewhere they always wanted to visit.
  38. Leave a romantic note on their pillow.
  39. Always make sure to kiss them goodbye before going to work.
  40. Make a scrapbook that contains all of your important memories together.
  41. Take them to an art gallery or a museum.
  42. Ask questions about their work, family, etc.
  43. Buy them a “gag gift” to make them laugh.
  44. Make time for sex, even if you're tired.
  45. Plan a surprise party for them and invite their friends and family.
  46. Buy a calendar and mark all the dates that are important to your relationships like anniversaries and birthdays.
  47. If they're working late, surprise them at work with their favorite dinner.
  48. Buy them their favorite perfume or cologne.
  49. Tell them about all the things you dream of doing with them in the future.
  50. Always tell them you love them and kiss them goodnight.

Romantic Gestures

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