Signs Your Friends Might Be Destroying Your Relationship

Friends are undoubtedly the most precious of all. They can be the best ones around you. But they can be worst too without getting you noticed about it. Do you frequently shift in your relationship from one person to another? Do you feel like something wrong happens to you all the time when it comes to the relationships? Well, it might be your friend that is messing around with you. Friends are trustworthy but sometimes even your best friend can be your greatest backstabber especially when it comes to love.

So, if you have always fallen apart from seemingly the perfect relationship then perhaps you need to question yourself that what part your friend had played. Mentioned below are the circumstances which can be caused by your best friend that turned out to be your biggest relationship nightmare.

Your date is not the good one

Your friend starts complaining that your friend is not good for you and seems a little ugly. They take you to the level that you're seriously start wondering about your choice. And once reaching to that level, it is not going to be difficult to manipulate your thoughts and feelings.

Friends who constantly require attention

Does your friend always complain about you spending time with your new partner and that they get annoyed about it? They may crash into your romantic date which pisses off your partner. Well, your true friend will always give you the option to choose whatever you want whereas the jealous ones always care about their own enjoyment.

Talking about your past relationships

As discussing past love is always sensitive and one always avoids discussing it. Does your best friend always talk about stuff related to you and your exes when you and your partner are hanging around with friends? Your current partner will never like it.

Friends who make you overlook your love

When you are with your friend and lover, does your friend always try to separate both of you in different conversations or take you to the corners of the room away from your partner? This clearly signals that your friend wants to set you both apart.

Friends who love to flirt with your partner

What can be even worse than your friend flirting around with your partner in your absence? Talking on the phone for hours without giving you any idea then this simply means that your friend wants to you to break up with your lover and enter the picture.

Your friends disrespect your partner

Do you feel that your friend ignores or is disrespectful to your partner while you people are hanging out together? This will reflect badly on you as a lover.

Your friends speaks ill for you

Your friends should be the one who always helps in trying impressing your lover and not the ones who are disrespectful and tries to put you down.

They always show you the worst side of your love

Does your friend always try to show you the worst side of your partner always advises you to break up even on petty issues then they are jealous and want to take apart you from your partner.

Friends may ruin your love for fun or just do this absentmindedly. Whatsoever, rather than hate your friends and losing your lover just keep the circumstances mentioned above in your mind.

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