Signs the Guy You are Dating Is a Player

Who wants to be cheated or played? Nobody! Simply Nobody! It is the worst feeling ever. We all dream for a warm, healthy and a perfect relationship. However, unfortunately, a few of us gets the privilege of being betrayed and fooled. Just because you have been very cautious or have been very sensible while tackling with the relationships does not mean that you cannot be tricked. Players are very clever, and they can deceive you within no time. Before you could enable yourself to understand the situation that how things are working out and what exactly is happening, they swindle your around and simply vanish away.

Players often hide behind their fake images of a polite, helpful and honest gentleman. They will treat you with complete honor and respect. But the moment you let them enter in your life, you will start suspecting their suspicious behavior. And before you could have a clear idea about it, you have been played and left heartbroken.

Let us watch out for the following signs to spot a player or a cheater.

Wandering Eyes

When you feel your guy’s eyes are wandering around for other girls, then it is one of the clear signals. Do not waste your time on such a person whose eyes are wandering even in front of you as he might be up to something more in your absence.

He tunes in or out often

Does he blow your phone one day with constant calls and text messages? And the very next day you will find him nowhere. Although one may call to ask for is everything alright, but the chances are that he might be busy with another woman out there.

Vigorous and fast

Within just no days, your lover comes up with a piece of a random jewelry item and says “I Love You” is something that is quite weird and unconvinced. How can a guy who just met you a few days back dies to marry you so early? Remember not to give it up to the man who is telling you that he loves you and want to marry you within just a few days of knowing you.

He has cheated before

The person who cheated once cannot be relied upon again. So if you come to know that his previous break up was because he cheated his former girlfriend, then it is better to get rid of such a guy.

Moreover, if your lover cheated his last girlfriend because of your than how can you trust such a person? He can cheat you as well to move forward with another woman.

He won’t be your friend on social media

If you are dating a guy who says that he does not accept the friend’s request of a person he dates or if he does not have any Facebook or any other social media ID then he is playing with you.

Indefinite replies

If a person you are dating always give vague answers to your questions especially about meeting out again then he is playing games around. He is probably not sure that he will be with another woman on a date at that time.

Getting played or cheated sucks big time. Use the above techniques to spot for a cheater and back off as early as possible before he plays his fake card.

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