Signs It Is Time The Relationship has Run its Course

Relationships are precious. It is all about taking care of the people around us. They are your family, friends, relatives and most importantly that special one who enters into your life and surrounds you with complete love and care.

Relationships meant to bring happiness to your life, but on the other hand, they can become quite challenging for you. Sometimes they are valuable and everlasting but sometimes they screw you up so well that you are left with a lesson for good.

There comes a time in everyone’s life, where you take an important decision. A decision of your life partner!! With whom you wish to share your complete life, your thoughts and ideas, your happiness and distress, your fears and calmness, in fact, every part and every minute of your life. But sometimes things do not work out well. The path you chose to walk along with your partner seems to be destructed. You are badly hurt but still do not know what to do? Still confused whether to let go or to hold on to the relationship. If you are still stuck in the situation, check out the following list which will help you to in making the right choice.

A major flaw in the character

If your partner has a drug addiction, has an alcoholic problem, has been into multiple affairs or is habitual of telling lies, then I guess the decision to take is not going to be the tough one. You need a life. You need to move away from such a person unless and until he not only promises but changes himself for you. After this, you can reconsider your decision.

Jealousy and mistrust for no reason

The base of every relationship has always been on trust. Without trust, the relationship cannot exist. On the other hand, the element of jealousy creates a lot of misunderstandings and complications.

If your partner gets jealous on talking to someone else, if he cuts down your friendships, your time is always monitored when you are out of the house, and you have no privacy at all then these are the signs of a height of distrust.

Abusive relationship

If your partner is abusive to you, then it is not OK!! No one has the right to treat you this way no matter what it takes. You might be wrong, or maybe it is your entire fault but him being abusive by calling names, hitting, manipulating or anything like this is not at all acceptable. You have all the rights to stand against it.

“Fixing” something about your partner

Here in life, the only person that you can change is “you.” If you believe that you are going to change your partner, then this cannot be the case until he agrees to it and respects your feelings. If only he wants to change then, this is possible otherwise it is of no use especially if there is something that requires a significant amount of fixing. The relationship is not worth keeping, move forward.

Time reveals the mismatch of values

We all have our family value. Values like freedom, liberal family, conservative family, security, etc. At some point, you feel that you share different values and are uncomfortable while moving along then it is better to get apart.

Sometimes situations do take over and start dictating us. But if you are being mistreated and cheated by your partner, then it is better to say goodbye and move on.

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