Signs Your Partner Is Too Selfish To Deal With

It all starts with infatuation, feelings develop soon after and then you tell your heart that the person is perfect to be your life partner. As much as we like the other person or are impressed by their personality and appearance, there are some things which we should be careful for before deciding as to if he/she is worth spending the life with. This article will warn you about those few signs which show that the other person is too self-centered to be your better half.

#1 They are more into your career than your character

There are people who are least bothered about what their partner’s personality is like. They will not at all be concerned about the things which he/she like or dislikes, because as long as they are good in their career and making money, then no such thing really matters to them. These are the materialistic freaks that care more about money than you.

#2 You feel controlled by their many rules

The relationship should never be suffocating for anyone. Both of them are grown enough to handle their own lives and to decide what exactly is best for them. When one of them is putting too many regulations and keeping unnecessary checks on the other person, then it gets really irritating after some time. It may have been manageable if he/she himself was applying those as well but seems like they just want an upper hand for no reason.

#3 Your partner values “me” over “we”

If your partner is too self-centered and loves him/her more than anything, then that would show in his/her attitude towards you as well. They will give more value to their own opinions and will be least bothered about all that you have to say.  In every situation, they will try to influence the decision with all that they prefer. This obviously makes it an unhealthy relationship.

#4 They never ask about your day

These people are inconsiderate and with zero feelings. They will never try to make you feel loved nor will ever show concern for you. You will never find them asking you about how your day went or them being concerned if you’re a little sad sometimes. This cold attitude is hard to deal with and therefore must not be compromised on.

#5 They talk over you

These people only care about themselves which is why in every argument they will be more than eager to shout at their highest pitch to make sure that your statements are shut off. They will never be ready to hear your side of the story, all they will do is give their opinion and walk away.

#6 You have to beg them for everything literally

As said before, there is not an ounce of consideration in this kind of people. They will only do the things they like and avoid all those they dislike. Your existence will not make any difference in their lives. If you do want to do something, then it will get as bad as you begging them for it every time and such a relationship only hurts your self-respect and nothing else.

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